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Cinelli Frames(3 posts)

Cinelli FramesTarantula
Feb 27, 2002 5:01 PM
I'm about to purchase a Cinelli frame from an e-shop. I'm nervous about spending money like this. Any e-shop tips, or has anyone had good or bad experiences with Cinelli frames?
re: Cinelli Framesmackgoo
Feb 28, 2002 7:19 AM
Can't say much about the frames but I would like to plug the group. Cinelli, Columbus and one other company are part of the group company. A while ago I purchased a used gramo, the plug was beat up as well as the gramo logo was missing and the C decal on the front was beat. I E mailed them, in Italy and inquired about these pieces. They responded with usualy we let our distributors handle this but give us your adress. I recieved the pieces in question with in a month no charge at all.
I have an old Bianchi Mega tube which I'm getting re painted. This particular one had the Columbus Hyperion Ti. I e mailed Columbus, in Italy, inquiring about getting a new frame set sticker to complete the project. They responded requesting my adress. Two weeks latter I have the decal. This frame set was only one at the most a two year run.
These guys get my vote.
re: Cinelli FramesripSRV
Feb 28, 2002 9:52 AM
If you're going through WCP your experience should be good. I live in Mpls and stop in their shop every month. I own a Cinelli Starship that is premium except the goofy seat stay/alter stem attachment to main triangle. That design has been changed now.

I've seen the Aliante's and recommend blue. I would say the craftsmanship on them is not excellent, however their designs, tubing, and overall performance is great. The new Starlights look fine although I'm not a fan of the integrated headsets.