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Latex or Butyl Tubes?(8 posts)

Latex or Butyl Tubes?netso
Feb 27, 2002 10:37 AM
What is the difference between butyl rubber and latex tubes.
Many of the tubulars have latex tubes. Is there an advantage to one over the other?
re:Butyl are lots easier to work withdzrider
Feb 27, 2002 11:35 AM
I like latex cause I've had fewer flats since I started using them. This, of course, may have more to do with luck and caution than the tubes. Latex is so limp that it can be hard to get all of the tube inside the tire. I usually put some air in the tube to give it some shape b4 stuffing it inside the tire. Be careful when you do this cause a little too much air can start the tire bulging in one spot. If it does, grab the spot quickly b4 it explodes. This post sounds like a pretty good argument for butyl.
re: Latex or Butyl Tubes?pmf1
Feb 27, 2002 11:38 AM
I've never had any luck with latex tubes. They are said to be more puncture resistant than butyl, but I've found just the opposite. Air leaks out of them fairly quickly so you have to pump your tires every day. They are lighter. Give them a try if you're curious.
Latex: fewer flats, less weight, more pumpingMcAndrus
Feb 27, 2002 11:58 AM
I've used both, depending on my mood. Latex seems to flat less often - particularly those nasty snake bite type of flats. And latex weighs a little less so it's nice to reduce the rotating weight.

On the other hand, you need to pump them up for every ride. That's no big deal with me because I do that with butyls anyhow.
Latex: fewer flats, less weight, more pumpingnetso
Feb 27, 2002 12:30 PM
I think that latex appears to be the way to go. I have had a flat situation with Butyl tubes, and I also pump up my tires every time I ride. Latex rules!
Consensus is NOT latexKerry Irons
Feb 27, 2002 5:17 PM
While some do love them, most people have not had good experience with latex tubes for clinchers. Most report more freqent flats and tube failures and difficulty in patching when compared to butyl. Everyone reports significantly higher costs. A typical light weight butyl tube weighs 70 gm (Michelin), and latex tubes weigh, uh, 65-70 gm. With butyl, you shouldn't need to pump your tires more than twice a week.
See your own post, 4 lines down,Crankist
Feb 27, 2002 1:35 PM
sheep skin for her pleasureCherry1
Feb 27, 2002 3:58 PM