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Visit to France to Watch Paris-Roubaix(6 posts)

Visit to France to Watch Paris-RoubaixYetiGabe
Feb 27, 2002 9:59 AM
(I've also posted this under the "Racing" board, wanted to cover all bases.)

I'll be in Paris,France on April 14. Can anyone offer any advice for watching Paris-Roubaix? I've never been to France before and could use any advice. Thanks.
re: Visit to France to Watch Paris-Roubaixslow-ron
Feb 27, 2002 1:29 PM
I don't know the route of the race but are you going to watch the race in Paris or somewhere along the way? Lille France is near Roubaix and it's a nice town to visit for a beer or to walk around after the race. There's an old section of the town or the quartier that is classic European. Cool shops, good restaurants, etc. Other than that most of northern France is flat and a lot like Ohio. The real beauty of France is in the south. Doesn't help you but just my opinion.

Oh, by the way, umbrella in French is "parapluie".
re: Visit to France to Watch Paris-Roubaixkey
Feb 27, 2002 1:44 PM
if they have the arnenberg forest section open, its one of the longer pave' sections and were the race traditionally gets blow open. You'll get a true flavor of the race. It is also one of the most popular areas to view the race.

re: Visit to France to Watch Paris-RoubaixYetiGabe
Feb 28, 2002 5:21 AM
I'll be in Paris. But I'm willing to go to other towns/cities if it's better atmosphere for the race. I have little knowledge about France or the race right now.

Thanks for the advice and please offer more.
re: Visit to France to Watch Paris-Roubaixslow-ron
Feb 28, 2002 6:17 AM
My wife grew up in France near Roubaix so I asked her about the race last night. She's never been to watch it but she did say that Roubaix and it's surroundings are nasty. I think it was a coal mining and industrial town that has closed all the mills and it's kind of depressing. I think you might be better to go to the forrest section mentioned in the previous post or catch some of the race near Paris. Paris is an amazing place to visit. Montmarte is an artsy section of the city that has a lot to do. If you happen to encounter a rude person that won't help you with directions don't let it ruin your trip. I've met more rude New Yorkers than Parisians but the Frenchy's always have a bad reputation with Americans. I guess is helps to a French guide, however.

Bon voyage!
are you inviting me to go with youCherry1
Feb 27, 2002 4:02 PM