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Clincher tires on tubular rims(13 posts)

Clincher tires on tubular rimsjarraa
Feb 27, 2002 7:33 AM
Is it possible? I somehow got stuck with a tubular wheelset and am dreading the very thought of gluing/changing of the tires as well as the high maintainance/replacement costs. Thanks in advance

re: Clincher tires on tubular rimsmaurizio
Feb 27, 2002 7:35 AM
If it could be done, I'd pay good money to see it.
You're stuck buddy. Live with it or relace some new rims on there.
Bad idea.pmf1
Feb 27, 2002 7:43 AM
It won't work. Get yourself some tubular tires or sell the wheels. While clinchers are easier to manage, tubulars aren't that bad. Some people really like them.
re: Clincher tires on tubular rimsnetso
Feb 27, 2002 8:15 AM
Clinchers will not work on tubular wheels. However, I have used tubulars for 20+ years, they ride better, they are easy to change etc. I love them!!!!!
re: Clincher tires on tubular rimsjarraa
Feb 27, 2002 8:43 AM
Is there any good website to get information on changing them on the road/trip. Thanks again.
re: Clincher tires on tubular rimsflying
Feb 27, 2002 9:31 AM
[B] "re: Clincher tires on tubular rims"
Is there any good website to get information on changing them on the road/trip. Thanks again. [/B]

Actually nothing is easier than a tubular change.
Rip the old tire off. Stretch the new one on. Hit it with the Co2 partially & straighten tire then fill the rest of the way. Your gone in under 5 minutes. Really!

Of course you could practice at home if you like. But it is very easy. Some little techniques like starting at the valve make sure its straight. When you have 80% on rim the last little bit might be tight to stretch on. But not if you have pre-stretched your tires on old rims. Or if your using a old tire as a spare it will go right on.

Sometimes if a person really glued the heck out of a tire it may be tough to start to get it off. If this is the case a dull stick or tire lever( I use half a clothes pin ) will get it started then you just rip it off.

As for the glue? If it is an old tire the old glue & the tire pressure is enough.

If it is a brand new tire you can put a coat of glue at home let it dry then fold the tire. Glue sides against themselves.
Although if it is a new tire I dont even put glue on a spare. When I mount it with 110psi it is not going anywhere & Im just heading home & taking it easy as a precaution on the turns. But I have ridden them like that for 50+ miles home never a problem.

Give Tubulars a try & you might be surprised at not only how easy they are to mount etc. But how great they ride!!

Good Luck,
Think about it!Kerry Irons
Feb 27, 2002 5:47 PM
This guy knows so little about tires and wheels that he can't tell that a clincher won't go on a tubular rim, and you're telling him that he "might be surprised at ... how easy they are to mount". I don't think so.
Think about it!jarraa
Feb 28, 2002 6:58 AM
Dear Sir/Mam,
I am the person who originally asked the question. I do know a bit about road bikes. Put on 5,000 miles this past summer and a 1000 or since then. I am a student who works full tiem and don't know all too much about bicycling components (I have changed quite a few flats on the weariest of roads ..if I may add). The only time I get I use it to bike. As for the question. I happen to get a pinarello frame that included these rims as part of the package. I was not sure about them so ... I asked. Color me silly if you may.
I used to like bikers. I thought they were very open minded. After reading some of the replies, I am afraid my conclusions were wrong. In any regard, that you for your time and energy.

re: Is there any good website...Akirasho
Feb 27, 2002 12:44 PM

We abide.

Remain In Light.
This must be flamebait!Rusty McNasty
Feb 27, 2002 1:06 PM
Unless you are just plain stupid. Yeah, go ahead-put a clincher on a tubular rim. Let us know how many PSI you get before the tube goes KABLOOOM!!!! I'm betting you'll get about 35.
What a moron!
what about tubular on clincher rim?nm
Feb 27, 2002 6:23 PM
what about tubular on clincher rim?weiwentg
Feb 27, 2002 7:45 PM
Tufo makes tubulars that mount to clincher rims. no one has yet made a clincher that mounts to a tubular rim. given that there's nothing for a clincher to clinch on, no one will ever do it.
what about vector pro's?spdplayr
Feb 28, 2002 7:03 AM
why do they say tubular in very small writing on the side when they are actually clinchers? are mine the only ones?