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Online shopping ...ugh!(2 posts)

Online shopping ...ugh!markmark
Feb 27, 2002 6:41 AM
Just recently had to cancel a credit card due to fraudent usage. Seems my acct was compromised somehow and individuals in Malaysia were trying to stock up on sunglasses. I was lucky the online retailer called me since I live in NC,Usa, before releasing the order. I had ordered from this retailer,REI, only once over 12 months ago. Can't say there was a correlation, but they were smart to call me anyway. Also other smaller charges had started to appear too, that my bank is crediting. I know this is a common problem, just be careful. Things may not be that secure with some of these places.

Gone thru that myselfPaulCL
Feb 27, 2002 8:10 AM
My wife used her business card at a hotel in LA. When we got the bill, we had a purchase of a $3500 computer (in Australia), and bunches of software. We got an immediate credit, and a new card overnighted to us.

Last year, probably from using the card online, we had a $19.95 charge to one of those online porno websites. I was really concerned that the charge would show up monthly. Since it wasn't mine (I SWEAR!), I called the credit card company. The woman rep questioned me three or four times if the charge was actually mine. Very insulting. I got really POed and asked for a manager. The manager was very apologetic. They canceled the charge, canceled the card, then I canceled them. Bad customer service.

I like VISA's new approach. In addition to the card # and name, you have to input your name and a password. Not fullproof, but it will stop the casual thief. Paul