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Favorite non-bike specific bike stuff?(17 posts)

Favorite non-bike specific bike stuff?mr tornado head
Feb 26, 2002 4:55 PM
Forgive me if we're retreading old territory, just curious what people are doing. Clothing, parts, ???

Myself, there is the Nike pullover windbreaker that I picked up for $14 because "don't-hit-me" yellow is not as cool as red or black (which cost $50) I guess. Also, my lights - a 3x5 tractor light that for $15 works better than most bike specific lights that cost 4 times as much and at less than 1/2 lb. hasn't added too much weight.
Where'd you get the bright yellow Nike pullover? nmmduell
Feb 26, 2002 6:37 PM
Where I got the Nike pullover?mr tornado head
Feb 27, 2002 5:01 AM
Of all places... ValueCity. Out here, it's like a low-rent Kmart.
re: Favorite non-bike specific bike stuff?DINOSAUR
Feb 26, 2002 6:59 PM
I purchased a pair of Smith riding glasses that came with 3 interchangable lenses for $19.00 on sale in 1996.

Three clear plastic Performance big mouth water bottles for $11.99. It's nice to see how much water you have left.

Pearl Izumi Advent Gore Wind Jacket, not on sale, but going on three seasons and it works great. I don't like the color (black). Shows wear and tear because I was wearing it when I crashed, Feb 2000.

Gyro Stelvio helmet on sale at my LBS for $30.00.

The best I have yet to use. The owner of my LBS cut me a sweet deal on a 2002 Colnago Master X-Light/Campy Chorus at a discount of $600.
Swix EarmuffsJ_Bravo
Feb 26, 2002 7:21 PM
These are by far the best earmuffs that I have ever used. The band is a thin piece of metal that will go under a helment without needing to adjustment it. They are perfect for skiing or biking when the temperature is between 5 and 10 C.
A healthy spine. Thus far elusive. (nm)Elefantino
Feb 26, 2002 10:57 PM
Foam Pipe insulation for Polar monitor handlebar support (nm)tempeteKerouak
Feb 27, 2002 2:42 AM
what part of country you in, TK? nmJs Haiku Shop
Feb 27, 2002 5:58 AM
Feb 27, 2002 4:47 AM
Preferably an ale. OOPS you wanted bike bike stuff. O.K. Fat Tire Ale.
Electrical Tape. Oh, and my Walmart Thermal Undershirt (nm)Greg Taylor
Feb 27, 2002 6:25 AM
Do you mean crossover stuff?Lone Gunman
Feb 27, 2002 6:48 AM
You know, a piece of gear or equipment that is intended for one sport or activity but because it doesn't have bicycle attached to it's name, it is substantially cheaper?

Got a lightweight Carolina Blue polarfleece pullover snug fitting from Gap Outlet for $10, LS synthetic undershirts from Campmor kinda cheap, full finger thermastat gloves, Campmor, cheap.

Anyone ever see the Vulcan earlike attachments that you could add to the helmet straps that cross the front of your ears? Supposed to deflect wind noise away from your ears and funnel sound from behind (traffic) towards the ear. Must not have been a big seller or the inventor guy got the pants sued off of himself.
zip ties, a million usestheBreeze
Feb 27, 2002 8:17 AM
I carry a half dozen in a couple different sizes. Probably a hold-over from mtn biking when I crashed a lot more.

Silk pointell undershirt. Light, warm, and cozy.
you're right on the zip ties..Bigburlymtnman
Feb 27, 2002 1:02 PM
zip ties are almost as versatile as duct tape to me.

also a body sensors merino wool underwear top (for camping) keeps me warm no matter what on cold rides.

re: air tool oil for my chaindzrider
Feb 27, 2002 8:33 AM
Copper impregnated grease - fights galvanic corrosion
Salvation Army wool sweater
Papillon back pack - straps on handlebars when not in use.
$8 Coolmax T-shirt & $15 Nike microfiber jacketRetro
Feb 27, 2002 8:40 AM
Sierra Trading Post sells Coolmax T's for eight bucks--all different colors, work great, don't look as geeky as a jersey. I have a couple in dayglo orange and some in quieter colors.
Also, I lucked out at Ross and found a size XXL Nike microfiber pullover jacket on a clearance table for $15. It's perfect over a T on cool days, or over fleece when it's cold.
re: Favorite non-bike specific bike stuff?maximum15
Feb 27, 2002 9:38 AM
DeFeet socks at $4.99 at local factory outlet. New in the box Trek 2300 for $1100. Sweet...
One finish off tape...DINOSAUR
Feb 27, 2002 10:33 AM
I found this stuff by accident. Digging around my toolbox in my garage. Teflon backed radiator hose mending tape. It's black, looks good if you use black bar tape, it has a nice appearance, it's water resistant, it's wide so you only have to go around your bars twice. More expensive than electrical tape, but I guess it depends on how often you replace your bar tape...