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Hope - long(1 post)

Hope - longZipper
Feb 26, 2002 7:25 AM
All you guys and girls out there going through the motions of building a big base and gradually building towards peaking I want to offer a ray of hope. All my friends have been loading up with intervals for a couple of months laced with some hefty group rides. It has taken tons of mental discipline but I stuck with my program I set for myself. I have been building my base since September and just this past week started doing high intensity intervals. I kicked off my interval training with a race. My goal was just to finish with the pack, but that prospect quickly faded. Half way through the race I got spit out the back. Yes, I was very disappointed. However, after having some time to reflect I realized I was progressing very well. On the flats and hills I was spinning like there was no chain on my bike and the felt awesome cruising in the peloton at 26+ mph. The surges and sprints around corners were what killed me. I did my second interval workout this morning. I noticed that I am getting much higher quality efforts than I did last year when starting intervals. I strongly believe that my aerobic base is so solid that I will make some tremendous gains over the next two months. Point: stay with your program, get your base and build!!