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New Performance SPD pedals(4 posts)

New Performance SPD pedalsPaul
Feb 26, 2002 5:29 AM
Saw in the catalog they have a new SPD mag body, ti axle, SPD type pedal weighting just 200 grams. I have the old Dura Ace, and Ultegra SPD's.

The best thing about the SPD's are that the cleats (if you use the pontoons), will last many years. I have cleats seven years old, and still in excellent shape. Some people have complained about hot spots using SPD's, but I've only experienced this once. Bad reviews on the SPD-R, and Look cleats need to be replaced often. Might have to try these pedals.
re: New Performance SPD pedalsJs Haiku Shop
Feb 26, 2002 5:59 AM
performance road spd

nashbar mtb spd

look pp296

i've been riding the nashbar double entry mtb spd pedals (with mtb shoes) on my road and road ss bikes since november. no problems, and i've ridden, at farthest, about 65 miles in the last 3-4 months. i'm going to try the spd/mtb pedals with mtb shoes on the road bike for my first 2002 century, next month. supposed to be mostly rolling with three good hills. we'll see about comfort, hotspots and the like, over >65 miles, with climbing.

I have the look pp296 on my trainer bike, using the red arc cleats, and traditional road shoes, alternating between two pairs of shoes. used this setup (or the equivalent) over about 4500 miles of last year's riding. on my first century (may '01), i had serious hotspot problems around mile 70. it hasn't happened since, and did three other 100-mile or longer rides during the rest of the year.

if the spd/mtb setup works well over the next few long rides (march/april/may '02), i'll most certainly switch 100% to this system, style points be damned. walking is way easier, traction is way better, and they're way more comfy. a little harder to engage, but that's not really an issue.

note of interest: on one pair of the road shoes, in which i don't walk more than a few steps from the pave to the boy's room or convenience store for a package of twinkies, the cleats were severely worn and the screws holding them to the shoes were stripped at the top, and nearly fused to the cleat (metal/plastic was melding or something). i had to use a drill to get them off the shoes. this is over maybe 3000 miles of rides (no covers). i've always thought it funny that a cheap, plastic cleat would be employed by so many pros with such high-tech pedals. i know they're not walking around much (at all) in these shoes, but still...
re: New Performance SPD pedalsPaul
Feb 26, 2002 7:51 AM
I know what you mean. My wife has duel entry mtb pedals on her road bike(TOPO), and won't switch. I've never heard of hot spots with Look, must have been the position of the cleat, or ??? If you don't mind the extra weight, stay with them. I've heard people say you lose power if you don't use a carbon sole. But, who really measuresor needs that. A good stiff, carbon re-enforced sole or other type of stiff sole, will probably work as well. I heard of creaking with Look and Campy cleats, slippage, plus the high rate of wear.

I'm sure Look makes a lot of money off their plastic cleats.

Bottom line, if it works, why change it.
Geeez I am cheap!tempeteKerouak
Feb 26, 2002 8:08 AM
Road racing: I use R096 shimano shoes (sport-fitness as they claim... They should see how these shoes go!!!) They are simply great for my wide feet.

...and the resin body R-535... 318 grams That's pretty light. I wonder what it would be with titanium spindles!!! They have a nice float and easy tension setting. They are cheap (like me) and simply work well. My Dura-aced friends laugh and make fun of me, but not that much in the end.

I don't see any problems with using the MTB system on the other hand. I have for years (as a former expert class MTB racer) used the shimano SPD shoes/pedals on both mountain and road bike. In fact, I swear I still own and use the very first SPD model (I had a brand new pair saved!). I have ridden it for the last 5 years and countless mileage. They are now my everyday communter pedal and shoe combo!

I am not hype, I guess, and I don't like spending on stuff I don't see obviously beneficial. I don't get paid to ride it right? I'd rather get better wheels than fancy shoes and titanium spindle pedal (althought that would be nice!)