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cycling jackets(10 posts)

cycling jacketscycle_one
Feb 25, 2002 10:31 PM
as a belated xmas gift, i received a cycling jacket (canari prism) and have used it a few times in high 30s to mid 40s weather. my problem is that when i take it off, i am completely soaked with sweat underneath. it's supposed to be wind resistant and breathable. anyone have a similar experience with their jackets or did i just get a crappy one?
i love jacket weeeeeeee rides.Woof the dog
Feb 26, 2002 2:02 AM
probably overdressed or not enough clothes to soak up the sweat. Otherwise, its probably not breathable. I'd go for more clothes (very breathable) layers and a vest or a newspaper stuffed in front. The newspaper works real good as it blocks the wind where its necessary but keeps you cool. You could also take it out and put away when riding with the tailwind.

Dude, the temps are in the low 50s, what jacket??????


Woof, the dog that likes hanging from the jacket that is also hanging.
re: cycling jacketsga
Feb 26, 2002 2:42 AM
I use a PI Kodiak jersey with a base layer below that. No sweat problems. If cooler I will layer a vest over the PI jacket.
Over heatingjagiger
Feb 26, 2002 7:51 AM
The Canari Prism is a wind jacket that's also waterproof. It's probably a nice jacket for those conditions, but the fabric is not like gortex, which is breathable & lets moisture pass thru.

Be sure to use need breathable layers of cloths under your jacket so the wetness is away from you. Also, try using less cloths so you have less heat build up (if you generally stop, take some additional cloths along). Also, if you have the vents in your helmet blocked, you may be over heating as a result. You might play with the adjusment here if necessary by partially unblocking the vents.
re: cycling jacketspmf1
Feb 26, 2002 8:14 AM
My favorite jacket only has wind resistant material on the front ot the torso. That's why its my favorite jacket. I have an expensive Pearl Izumi gore-tex type jacket that I only wear when its really cold (in the 20's). It has pit zips (which are always unzipped) and a draft flap in the back. I still sweat in it. The worse part is that my arms get really hot.

Any full coverage jacket made out of wind resistant material is going to have this problem. They say they breath, but its not really true. Try wearing less underneath it. You'd probably like it better in colder weather. Given that you've sweated on it, looks like its your for keeps.

You might want to try a vest over a heavy jersey with a lighter jersey underneath. My jacket (Boure) is similar to a vest/heavy jersey combo. Performance makes a nice thick jersey that works great for 40's weather. You can't have too many winter clothes. Usually, what works great for cool weather (40's / 50's) isn't adequate for colder weather. For example, I've got 3 different sets of gloves and 2 types of tights for use in different temp ranges. The good thing is that it last a long time. Its on sale this time of year as well.
re: cycling jacketsDINOSAUR
Feb 26, 2002 8:38 AM
If your jacket is Gore-Tex, front and back, it won't breath. I have a Pearl Izumi Sprint jacket that has the gore material in the front of the jacket and arms only, so you don't overheat. Another very important factor is dressing in light layers of high tech material that breaths. Now is a good time to purchase as all the winter stuff is on sale.

You might be overdressing, you should feel a little bit chilly the first five minutes into your ride, otherwise you are overdressed. I have a Performance Iluminite and a Pearl Izumi. The Performance makes me sweat like I'm in a sauna, the Pearl Izumi keeps me fairly dry. The bottom line is the good stuff costs more, but it's worth it...

I'd start with better layering, Pearl Izumi makes a nice long sleeve termo mock turtle T-shirt. Mine got cut off when I crashed and I didn't replace it. It worked great.
I'm sure there are other choice that work just as well...
re: cycling jacketscycle_one
Feb 26, 2002 9:46 AM
thanks for the replies. i tried wearing just a jersey underneath and still the same effect. it sucks to take off the jacket once it starts getting warm and have a soaked jersey on. so the more expensive pearl izumi's work well? i saw a jacket with wind resistant front and a mesh back - is this what i should look for? how about those assos jackets? it's getting really warm here so i want to get one when they go on sale.
re: cycling jacketsDINOSAUR
Feb 26, 2002 1:12 PM
I just happen to favor Pearl Izumi as I'm familiar with the way they fit. Pearl Izumi also has what they call a base layer system and you dress in layers depending on how cold it is. I live in the foothills of Cal, so the coldest it gets here during the day is in the 40's. My main concern is keeping the wind off me and keeping my extremities warm. Assos jackets have a good reputation, but I've never owned one. I saw a Bellweather gore jacket in my LBS that I liked and it cost around $130.00. I also like wearing polypropylene long sleeve T shirts, over a Pearl Izumi tank top thermo, then a short sleeve jersey, arm warmers and my Pearl Izumi Zephyrr Sprint jacket. I just noticed that Performance has the P.I. Zephyrr 2 jacket on sale for $53.98. Good color also "Screaming Yellow". I think this is a different model than I have, mine is the next up in the line (for 1998). A lot of guys favor just riding with a vest and arm warmers. Remember you are still going to feel the cold, all the clothing does is make it so it's tolerable. The key is breathability as you are working hard when you are cycling and you want to stay warm and dry. I think the Peformance Catalog has a illustration as how to dress in layers. And don't rush, cold weather stuff will be on sale for a couple of months...
Assos cycling jacketsPdxMark
Feb 26, 2002 4:25 PM
I got an Assos Roubaix jacket this year - essentially a heavy winter jersey with wind-blocking panels in the front of the upper torso & arms. I like it alot for upper 30's to lower 40's, with a single long sleeve jersey underneath. Things can heat up on hills, but with full legth zippers on the jacket & jersey, I can stay just right for the climb. The descent is very comfy. The high collar with snap is very nice too.

They are expensive - but I'm sold on it for rides in the low 40's & below. The fit is very nice. I even think it helps keep my toes warm(er)... because my torso temp is about right... but I could just be dreaming that...

and it's in the 50's (feels like the 60's) here today (though unlikely to stay there) so mine may soon be sitting in a drawer for a few months

Enjoy... and good luck
re: cycling jacketstarwheel
Feb 26, 2002 10:27 AM
I have found that it is very easy to over-dress when cycling. The best gear for me is what will just barely keep me warm. If I wear too much, I sweat a lot more and actually get colder. I've found that a cycling jacket is generally too warm if the temperature is above 45, unless I'm really taking it easy or there's a cold wind. The most useful piece of cool-weather cycling clothing I've found is a Pearl cycling vest. It's keep the cold wind off your chest but ventilates well enough that you don't sweat. Mine is comfortable at temps ranging from the high 30s (with long sleeve jersey and wicking t-shirt) up to 55-60. The other thing that really helps is a wicking t-shirt. This really helps keep you warm by adding another layer, and seems to help prevent sweat buildup. In addition to my vest, I also have a Pearl jacket, the one with removable sleeves. That works great for long rides that start out cool (30s to low 40s) but warm up to the 50s. Another thing I've found with cycling jackets is that you don't want it to fit loosely or it just flaps in the wind and slows you down. I normally wear XL jackets and shirts, but got the Pearl jacket in L and it fits just right.