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taboo jersey in ACA races(4 posts)

taboo jersey in ACA racesnewracer
Feb 25, 2002 4:09 PM
I am planning on racing for the first time in some of the ACA races in Colorado. What is the requirements for jerseys? If I am not sponsored by any club or team, do I have to wear a plain colored jersey with no logos? Will regular Pearl Izumi clothing suffice or is having the Pearl logo or any other clothing manufacturer logo taboo? Most of my current clothing is close out team wear that I have bought.
why not(t)estes
Feb 25, 2002 4:51 PM
check the rules ( or ask the referee- I bet most here don't even know what the ACA is!
Rule 11.3BipedZed
Feb 25, 2002 5:10 PM
From the 2002 ACA Rulebook:

11.3 Clothing
- All riders must wear jerseys. Sleeveless jerseys are permitted. All riders must wear cycling
shorts. No article of clothing may be worn that serves solely an aerodynamic purpose
- Advertising may only appear on clothing (uniform) of a rider(s) that is a member of a
sponsored club. A rider's uniform consists of (but is not limited to) helmet, jersey, shorts,
shoes, socks, gloves, and caps. The club name must appear on the front and back of the
club/team jersey
- Footwear shall be fully enclosed
- No rider may wear the World Championship jersey in a race unless entitled to by UCI
International rules
- No rider may wear a National Championship jersey in a race unless entitled to do so by the
organization that issued the jersey
- No rider may wear the jersey of a club or team that the rider is not eligible to represent. All
riders of the same team should wear similar, if not identical, jerseys while competing.

That being said, I see unattached racers wearing pro team stuff all the time. Officials don't seem to enforce the rule very much if it's team shorts with a plain jersey, but you'll probably get a warning if it's a pro team jersey. Worse off you'll be marked as someone to avoid in the group. Best to stick with a plain jersey and shorts until you find a club/team.
Zed's got it rightPack Meat
Feb 26, 2002 12:31 PM
if you're a Cat 4 nobody really cares.
It's not that hard to find a club. I'm sure there are people on this board that recommend a good club. If you're in Colorado check out Schwab or Colorado or Denver Spoke.

Good luck,