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MEKTRONIC(4 posts)

Feb 25, 2002 1:02 PM
Has anyone given Mavic Mektronic a chance? Has the battery ever died while riding. That would suk. Share your experiences with me.
re: MEKTRONICdgshooter
Feb 25, 2002 4:21 PM
I gave it a chance. Four times. I returned 3 defective derrailleurs and 1 defective sensor. got tired of riding my spare bike and sent the whole system back. Mavic has the worst customer service policy I've ever dealt with. however, to be fair, when the mektronics worked it was sweet. It just didn't work often. Save your money and get Dura-ace or Record.
Love mine.look271
Feb 25, 2002 4:47 PM
Got mine USED (less than 150 miles-paid 1/2 price) and they work great. I had a problem with my rear derailer frying batteries (that sucked-alot) but Mavic warrantied it and I got a brand spanking new one n/c. Batteries last at least 3 months and if you think that it's time to change'em, just do it. They are cheap (common medical/watch batteries) and I always carry a spare, just in case. Shift really smooth and you can shift from anywhere on the bars-hoods, drops, top of bar. Doesn't matter, there's a button close to your fingertips.
re: MEKTRONICunobtainium
Feb 25, 2002 8:47 PM
Mektronic.The Good: Shifts are quick when cadence is over say 60. Its also effortless with so many button locations compared to moving shift levers. Batteries are cheap at $3, but they lasted only 3-4months and about 1500 miles for me on both the rear derailleur and speed sensor. The computer battery lasted 10 months and 5k with no problems. By the way the bad batteries always were noticeable at the beginning of a ride. You can push the rear deraileir "rack" to change gears even with the battery dead by hand if you have t! The Bad: You can only shift one gear at a time, 3 separate button shifts to move 3 gears, unlike Shimano and Campy. Hitting a big bump can cause an unintentional gear shift. Bulky rear derailleur is vulnerable in a crash. Front derailleur is retro-friction and rather crude but you can at least trim it!
Overall I prefer my Campy 10 Record