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Merckx Fuga vs. Litespeed Sirius(12 posts)

Merckx Fuga vs. Litespeed SiriusFinch
Feb 25, 2002 11:47 AM

I'm shopping for a bike--having trouble deciding between the Merckx Fuga and Litespeed Sirius PLUS wondering if I should just hold out and get my dream bike, at least I think it's my dream bike-I haven't ridden it yet-the Seven Odonata. Anybody have any thoughts? Ridden either the Litespeed or the Merckx? Any thoughts on Ti vs. Aluminum and carbon forks?

Do NOT ride the Seven...Elefantino
Feb 25, 2002 12:53 PM
...or you will be so enchanted with it that you'll want one above all other things, even food.

I rode one for about 10 minutes and I still have trouble concentrating.

How would you ride one...they are made custom?(nm)Dave T
Feb 25, 2002 1:08 PM
Feb 25, 2002 1:42 PM
Yes, Sevens are custom, BUT...

When a shop passes the rigorous requirements and is able to be a Seven dealer (Seven only works through dealers), part of the deal is that they carry a couple of "stock" bikes. There is a "stock" Odonata at Bike Workx in Spartanburg, SC, which is close to my "standard" frame at 54 or 55 cm. I may just have to forgo food and get on it. I dunno. If I'm spending close to $2500 or $3000 on the other two I mentioned, maybe I should just go to $5000 and be done with it, huh? Thoughts? Handouts?
Rigorous requirements,TJeanloz
Feb 25, 2002 1:53 PM
You mean, buys three frames in a single opening order? Because that's all it takes to be a Seven dealer. I suppose it is rigorous on shop finances to take on three of their frames...
A wealthy riding buddy. (nm)Elefantino
Feb 25, 2002 2:22 PM
BS alert!!!!Kerry Irons
Feb 25, 2002 5:45 PM
I've ridden lots of top of the line bikes over the years (though not a Seven) and frankly never have had a "closer to God" experience. I'm not saying you didn't, but I'm saying it may have been influenced by getting to close to the hype generator, or perhaps the mushrooms on the pizza. The ride of top of the line bikes may differ, one to the next, but there is no such thing as a revelation at this level. Going from a $500 Trek to a $4K bike is noticeable, sure, but going from one $4K bike to another will only highlight differences, not improvements.
Re: BS alert!!!!Elefantino
Feb 25, 2002 9:42 PM
I don't know about revelation (or would that be Revelation?), but the clouds did part when I got on the Seven. Really. They actually parted.

And I only have ham and pineapple on my pizzas.

And my Trek is worth more than $500.

And I do not have a $4K bike. Yet.

And yes, darn it, I did get dangerously close to the hype generator, but that's half the fun, isn't it?

And I think he paid considerably more than $4K.


PS: Ouch. I'm still hurting from the "$500 Trek" remark. It cost me more than that just to get the headtube glued back together.
re: Merckx Fuga vs. Litespeed SiriusTig
Feb 25, 2002 2:17 PM
The Sirius looks like a beauty. My only objection would be Litespeed's limited experience with aluminum building. I do like their CF seatstay design better than most. I'd love to test ride one to see how the bike felt. It has the advantage of a warranty, which the Merckx doesn't have.

I bought a Merckx Fuga frame and fork but haven't paid it off or ridden it yet. I won't be able to tell you much until after a few hundred miles, a few races, and a century. I got a great deal from my LBS/sponsor, so I couldn't refuse it. My funds are limited, so I couldn't go for a dream bike... yet! I don't care too much about warranties since I buy a new frame every 3 years at least. The 2 frames I've totaled in the past wouldn't have been covered anyway.

The geometries are similar between these 2 bikes, at least in the smaller sizes. The Merckx naturally has a little more laid back geometry. It's hard to compare since the Sirius is a compact frame and comes in just a few sizes (but more than some other compacts). There is no way to know the actual differences between them without riding both when similarly equipped. Most people who would own one would tell you rave reviews. That's human nature and justification for ya'.

The Seven is a true dream bike. If you have the cash, go for it! Otherwise keep looking. There are so many good deals out there on excellent bikes.
re: Merckx Fuga vs. Litespeed Siriusgtx
Feb 25, 2002 5:54 PM
the geometry is pretty different. The LS has what I would call generic US geometry. The Merckx has a slacker STA, lower bb and longer c-stays. I have a bike with geometry similar to the LS and also have a Merckx and they ride/fit very differently. If you like a fairly forward seat position, the Merckx is not for you. If you like a laid back position the Merckx could be great. The long c-stays and low bb make it feel very stable at speed (to me). Low speed handling is on the quick site, but it feels rock solid at speed.
seconded my ride experienceFinch
Feb 26, 2002 7:01 AM
Thanks for the comments. They all helped.

I was happy to hear my impression of the Merckx seconded. It IS a very balanced ride, and your explanation of why makes sense. The LS ride was "feathery" and quick feeling; I had a sense of the bike being very "under" me. What you said about preferred riding postion helps. I suspect I'd prefer the laid back position of the Merckx.

Thanks a lot for the help. It is all fun, huh?

seconded my ride experiencegtx
Feb 26, 2002 8:04 PM
if you get a good fit on a Merckx, you won't regret buying one! Have fun!