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Shifting Help(9 posts)

Shifting Helphikerryank
Feb 25, 2002 6:40 AM
My front shifter now believes I have a triple. Problem is, I only have a double. This just started a couple of rides ago and I'm not sure how to fix it. It is a purebread Ultegra system. The easy answer is to keep better track of which ring I'm in, but I too often get lost in though and forget, only to remember when I drop the chain. Before I realized the problem, I was messing around with the limit adjusters, cable length ect, which only resulted in me dropping the chain even more and really screwing up two chains. This is starting to get expensive and I'd rather be buying shorts so people who ride with me don't complain about my two pairs starting to smell like I'd rolled around with a skunk. Any advice would be great.
1. Wash shorts; 2. Take bike to lbs and have them readjustmorrison
Feb 25, 2002 7:12 AM
the limit screws. Once you get those out of whack, unless you know what you are doing, you will forever have difficulties. Also, check your stay for damage from the thrown chain before corrosion begins.
re: Shifting HelpBarnyard
Feb 25, 2002 7:17 AM
Limits, "L" (on derailleur,(look for it))-pertains to little rings up front, big rings in the back, and vice versa. More range= turning the screw out, Less range of movement=turning the screw in. Next you need to have the tension on the cable right,not to tight, not to loose. Now go to it. You can do it!
re: Shifting Helphikerryank
Feb 25, 2002 7:43 AM
Will fixing fixing the limits and the tension fix my problem of being able to shift three times when I should only be able to shift twice?
Wrong Shifter InstalledMisJG
Feb 25, 2002 8:05 AM
This happened to my sister a few years ago when she bought her bike. Shimano shifters (not sure of the gruppo) with a double chainring. She was shifting and kept throwing the chain, so she brought it to me. No amount of adjusting would fix the problem. I even went so far as to buy a longer limit screw (Campy!) to put in there, but still couldn't get the shifting right. Took it back the the shop where she purchased it and it turns out they had installed the wrong shifter! I am still trying to figure out how that never dawned on me. It was shifting three times, I guess I just thought it wasn't catching on the first shift. They made the swap and all is well.
Chain Watchertarwheel
Feb 25, 2002 8:42 AM
Ultegra is actually quite infamous for this. So much, in fact, that Third Eye makes a product called the Chain Watcher that keeps your chain from falling off the inner chain ring. I put one on my bike -- and I am mechanically impaired -- and it works perfectly. My chain hasn't fallen off once since installing a year ago. You can find them in many bike shops for $10, but excel sells them for $8.

Now, someone is gonna tell you that if your Ultegra throws the chain, then it's just not adjusted right, which is probably true. However, I had my derailleurs adjusted many times by my LBS, which does pretty good work, and my bike would still occasionally throw the chain -- until I installed the Chain Watcher. My Chorus bike has never thrown the chain, so I haven't bothered installing one on it.
Whoa!Spoke Wrench
Feb 25, 2002 12:26 PM
I have a couple of points regarding the above posts.

1. Completely disconnect your front shift cable before setting the low gear limit screw. If you don't, you may adjust the derailleur against cable tension rather than the limit screw. If you do this, you will lose the chain on the inside as the cable stretches.

Ultegra STI levers actually have four shift points. Shimano suggests that on a two chainring set up you use the three left-most positions and use the high gear limit screw to block off the fourth. Consequently, you have three shift positions for two rings. The third (middle) position allows you to trim the derailleur in either chainring.
re: Shifting HelpChen2
Feb 25, 2002 4:07 PM
Spoke Wrench is correct. The Ultegra shifters are the same for doubles and triples. It's all in the adjustments, limit screws and cable tension. The only other factors are condition of cables and housings. Oh, and check the cable routing, especially in the bottom bracket area.
Thanks for the help (NM)hikerryank
Feb 26, 2002 8:31 AM