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What are the differences(2 posts)

What are the differencesPeter E
Feb 25, 2002 2:36 AM
Giant have released their TCR in a carbon modell (frame only) and my lbs is gonna get one.
What are the expected differences between this one and the TCR team in alu? and are these really advantages?
The frame will probally be more forgiving but i really look for a stiff frame when i'm gonna buy a new roadbike
the weight difference is only about 50gram so that isn't so much do care about (the TCR carbon is said to come in at 999gram)
re: What are the differencestempeteKerouak
Feb 25, 2002 8:35 AM
Well, it's a new release. No one has ever ridden one!! Except for Once pros, it has been unavailable as far as I know.

Differences? It is said to be stiffer and lighter. What else? The TCR alu is already all that! It is basically only a material choice. Those frames are top notch. And Giant has the facilities to make frames out of anything. They already make a super strong carbon MTB.

To me this is like trying to sort out differences between a CAAD 4 and CAAD 5 Cannondale frame. One has integrated headset cups, the other is traditionnal head tube. So what...

Now you can have a 2.2 pounds Alu frame or a 2.2 pounds carbon frame. I wish I'd waited and gotten the carbon version though!!! Why? no logical rational reason...

Love my TCR alu still...