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local bike store or other(11 posts)

local bike store or otherclink
Feb 23, 2002 7:08 PM
The problem is, I was recently in a car crash and my LBS gave me a quote to send off to the person who hit me, and then they trued the wheel which was hit so that it would be ridable. Now that I have the money I'm looking at getting a new wheelset (shimano 535). But, I have recently found a bike store which is selling the wheelset for $70 less, but my LBS gave me the qoute and repair on the assumption that I would get the bike fixed with them, so the problem is to buy from them and pay the extra money, or just buy from the other place and make sure my LBS somehow never finds out that bought from the other store?
Solomon says ...Elefantino
Feb 23, 2002 8:42 PM
If the LBS trued your wheel so it was rideable, I would assume it's also sellable. You can thank them for that. So I'd buy from them, sell the old set on eBay and smile.


If the LBS trued the wheel for free, buy the 535s from them. You owe it to them.


If the LBS was paid to true the wheel, tell them the truth — you'd like to buy from them, but $70 is $70. Assuming it's a local competitor, and not a mail-order, they'll probably come down on the price. If they say no, tell them you appreciate their work but you're going to have to buy the cheaper 535s. Honesty is best.

My bet is they'll come down on the price a bit. You'll both feel better.

Which dilemma do you want advice on first?Scot_Gore
Feb 23, 2002 8:51 PM
The one you're asking about or the one you don't appear to see.

Your LBS quoted you a parts and labor repair cost which you collected from the guy who did the damage, right?

If you get the parts for $70.00 cheaper than the quote he paid you on, don't you owe him the 70 bucks back. IMHO, he paid you that amount of money based on a good faith estimate, if you can get it done cheaper, the balance should go back to him. What do you think?

(I admit I may be jumping to conclusions regarding the circumstances, if I'm way off base, sorry in advance)

Feb 23, 2002 9:21 PM
You are willing to let yourself get into a big dilemma over 70 measly dollars???

You've already asked the LBS to work on your behalf, with them demonstrating very good will by investing their work time and not charging you a penny for it, and you're even contemplating sticking it to them over 70 measly dollars?

I could understand this "dilemma" if the money were a serious problem for you, but I am guessing that the small amount involved will not affect your life in any significant manner. We're talking about, what, a couple of trips to the movies?

This world is full of cheap people who can invent elaborate justifications for being just plain old cheap. Fight this corrupting influence.
Life's a spectrumScot_Gore
Feb 23, 2002 9:47 PM
I'd cut him some slack over the size of the savings.

I suspect the Clink's perspective on the value of $70.00 is different from yours. Think back a few years to when things weren't going so well, we've all been there sometime.

If you have the means, you don't repair the wheel to ridable and wait for the money from the driver. You buy the new wheelset right away and send the guy the bill for the actual cost. You never get in this dilemma in the first place because you don't ever get an estimate.

Having money might not ever make you happy, but it can make day to life easier.

My 2 cents

re: local bike store or otherTJeanloz
Feb 24, 2002 12:36 PM
If the shop provided a written quote, which you used to get money for, it would be fraud to buy the parts for less and pocket the extra cash.

Furthermore, the shop has already done you a service in providing the quote, so yes, you owe it to them to hold up your side of the bargain. It doesn't surprise me that the price was higher- when shops know that their customer isn't paying (it's insurance or some other contractually bound party) they will charge the full retail price. If the cheaper shop knew that insurance was footing the bill, they probably wouldn't deal either.
re: local bike store or otherclink
Feb 24, 2002 5:33 PM
First.. I'm a student going to university.. so yes the $70 does make a difference, the difference the 70 dollars makes is being able to use the insurance money to buy the wheelset, (from the cheaper place) or buy it from the LBS and pay full retail and then tax.. this would mean the insurance $$ wouldn't cover the entire amount, and i'd have to pay extra out of my pocket. They did do it in good faith though, so that complicates matters. I'm thinking go and tell them this and see if they can drop the price, advice??
It's still too fuzzy for meScot_Gore
Feb 24, 2002 9:02 PM
I don't think I have enough information to give you very good advice.

When you say "They did do it in good faith..." , by "they" do you mean the free repair and quote from the bike shop or the payment from the driver (or drivers insurance co.) that hit you.

If this is some sort of "no-fault" insurance claim and the reason you have to put some of your own money in is because there's a deductible on your policy.
Well......YUP, that's how it works. That's why its called a deductible, because it's deducted from your damage award.

To submit an inflated estimate for your claim and then get the repairs done cheaper is not the right thing to do. If this is the case, then you might as well have the LBS do the work at the estimates rates, and throw in your deductible from you own money. If you get it done cheaper, you owe the difference back to the driver (or driver's insurance co.), IMHO.

This would also apply to any discount you obtain from the LBS, your deductible would still apply and any discount should be refunded back to the folks paying you the damage award.

Alot of what I'm saying above is speculation, if you want good advice, provide more details.

It's still too fuzzy for meclink
Feb 25, 2002 6:27 PM
ok, so i was biking along, and a car hit me.. I took it to the LBS and they gave me a quote which I then submitted to the insurance company of the driver, though because it took the insurance company awhile to get the money, i asked the LBS to true the wheel, because I wanted to use the bike (and i couldn't afford to get it properly fixed) they trued it for free, and when I offered to pay they said, "forget about it, the repair bill well more that cover it."
(implying that when i get the money, i'd come and buy the wheelset from them). So, now that I have the money from the insurance company, I can afford the wheelset, from the other store, (without paying more than the settlement) or I can go the LBS and buy the wheelset and pay more than the settlement.. so, thats my problem and to compound it all, the bike show is this weekend.
Ok, I'm starting to understand.Scot_Gore
Feb 25, 2002 9:03 PM
If the amount of the settlement had NOTHING TO DO with the size of the quote. IMHO, your free to keep and spend all the money.

Also, IMHO
You owe the shop that trued the wheel either your continued patronage through this whole transaction or an honest discussion about the cheaper wheelset you've found. If you choose to take your business elsewhere, pay them for the time and labor on the true and move on.

my two cents.

re: local bike shops in generaldzrider
Feb 25, 2002 9:20 AM
In dealing with local bike shops I try preserve my sense of comfort in the shop. I like feeling welcome there 'cause sooner or later I'll need their help with something. My experience has been that all they ask is a fair chance in an honest competition for your business. I'd say give the guys who trued your wheel that chance, and buy the new wheels there if they come close to the other shop's price.