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10 Speed Chain Breaking(9 posts)

10 Speed Chain BreakingFila Hebe
Feb 23, 2002 7:06 PM
Does anyone have any insight to why the ten speed chain has a tendency to break? I just had a brand new Record 10sp chain installed today and took it for it first voyage and after forty miles it fell apart on me. I've heard on more than one occasion that Campy 10sp chains break but does anyone know if my shop did something wrong or is it just my tough luck today. Any info will be greatly appreciated. BYW I'm not looking for any smart-ass comments.
where did it "break"?CT1
Feb 23, 2002 9:09 PM
My guess is that the PL came apart. If so, this would NOT be very surprising. Happens all the time! :( If it wasn't the PL then you had a VERY rare failure. The C10 chain is VERY well made.

PL's just suck.... difficult to install properly and when they fail can lead to VERY bad juju! If your bike wasn't damaged then consider yourself VERY lucky!!!

There are lots of alternatives to the PL "problem":
Use a "super link" with the C10 chain
Use the new Connex Wipperman chain (with master link)
Assemble the C10 chain WITHOUT a PL (just like in the good old days). FWIW: That's what I do.

Note: I DON'T recommend using a Shimano or equivalent 9 speed chain. YES, I KNOW these chains "will work"... but that's a piss-poor solution at best. Chain/cog clearances will be less than optimal!

ride on
other recommendations...C-40
Feb 24, 2002 6:45 AM
I don't agree with your assessment of campy's permalink. I've installed three, using campy's tool and all have worked fine for the life of the chain. The installation takes about 1 minute, at most.

Most permalink failures are the result of improper installation. Mechanics either don't use the campy tool, or they use it improperly by trying to install both pins at the same time. If the pins snap in properly, they should stay in place for the life of the chain.

Although you may have had luck assembling the chain without a permalink, campy warns against it. Some folks that have tried it have had immediate failures. These failures may just prove that these folks are inept mechanics.

The wipperman 10 speed chain or other 10 speed connector links would be the best options.
other recommendations...Fila Hebe
Feb 24, 2002 7:13 AM
Thank you for the information. The mechanic claims to have used the Campy tool. He is a Bianchi dealer (many models come Campy equipped) so I'm sure he had the tool. He did mention both links snapping into place but I don't know if he installed them one at a time as you suggested. I will see him tomorrow and ask about that. Again, thank you for the info.
other recommendations...SnowBlind
Feb 25, 2002 8:03 AM
Of course he will tell you that, he does'nt want to be sued. I caught this conversion at a "certified" campy shop:

Dude1:"Hey man, where's the campy chain tool?"
Dude2:"Dunno, just use a pair of pliers."

I took my bike back right there and then.
The owner called me later (after seeing the cancelled repair bill) and explained that Dude1 and Dude2 were no longer allowed to work on Campy.

The point being, if the part fails, Campy or Shimano, it is most likely a human error. Granted the human error might have been at the assembly, but usually it is the end user.
where did it "break"?Fila Hebe
Feb 24, 2002 7:18 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. The chain did break at the Perma Link and thankfully it didn't cause any damage other than my crushed ego. I'm going to fix it with the PL again and if it fails one more time I will explore using some the solutions you mentioned.
agree with CT1 on this onelonefrontranger
Feb 24, 2002 9:31 AM
My boyfriend and I have 4 Campy-equipped bikes. We've installed all the C-10 chains without the permalink just as CT1 suggests, because the shop manager who trained me as a mech recommended it if we were doing our own installs. He can't get away with doing this at the shop for customer's bikes (voids the Campy warranty), but he does it on his own bikes.

If you are clever with the old-school chain tool install, then it seems to work fine. Jason (shop mgr) has two bikes of his own, so that's at least 6 machines that we personally know of that this has worked fine for. My boyfriend's bike has been fine for over 2 years. One of my Campy 10 bikes is a cyclocross bike that I've been riding for months in mud, sand, ice, snow, dust, overgearing up climbs at 35 rpm, etc..., so if the C-10 chain was going to let go due to improper install, I'm sure it would have by now.
Off topic: Dream cross in LX 10 is ordered!! :)CT1
Feb 24, 2002 2:08 PM

I finally got the order placed for the Dream Cross frame. I decided on the LX10 because I really like the color scheme and I also have a spare set of wheels with blue aerohead rims. The wheel/frame color combo should look pretty nice. I've got to order some cross specific goodies like the brakes, cable goodies, and tires. However, I haven't found a source for the TA crank arms yet. If you know of a source for these pups please forward the info. I still think I can "get away" with the 53X39 Record crank but if I can find a suitable alternative I'm also OK with that approach.

Thanks again for all the help with the component selection. :)

Good luck with the coming race season.
TA Cranksetlonefrontranger
Feb 24, 2002 5:25 PM
Good job on the order. I know you'll be happy with the result. Sounds like a gorgeous bike. My boyfriend's got the Dream Reflex (blue/silver) with blue Cosmic wheels. It always gets looks and commentary wherever he goes. My LX14, alas, is "too common". Something to do with one of the bigger teams in Denver (Jamba Juice) having them as the official team bike for their '01 season...

I actually had to special order the cranks because my dude in Cincy couldn't get them. I paid full retail to boot. I had to do the same for the M-10 brakeset I've got on the Dream Plus; silly French distributors, grrr. Vecchio's in Boulder were the ones who hooked me up, so they have a source. They're a tad pricey but well worth it in attitude and quick turnaround: if you're interested. may also be a source; I'd e-mail them.

You will have to go with a longer BB to accept the 110 BCD TA crankset. This is why I elected to build with Daytona/Centaur, because the 111mm BB works. I think the original idea of running a pie-plate with the 53/39 would be cheapest and easiest in the long run. It all boils down to what kind of trails you'll be riding.

Thanks for the wishes - Boulder Roubaix is our first race of the season on April 7th, and I can hardly wait. The Dream Cross got an honest workout today. I rode 35 miles of dirt doubletrack and open space and did some course reconnaisance ;-)