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Deda Zero Stem(7 posts)

Deda Zero StemBoris
Feb 23, 2002 7:27 AM
I recently bought a Deda Zero stem (in case it matters, it's for 1 1/8 inch steerer, and 110 mm long). I'm trying to install it on my bike, but the screws that are supposed to go in the back of the stem to secure it to the steerer tube just don't thread in. I've tried and I've tried, but it almost seems like if the screws are too short! has anyone had this problem? How did you fix it?
re: Deda Zero StemDINOSAUR
Feb 23, 2002 8:25 AM
You can do two things: Take the stem back the LBS where you purchased it and have them provide you with a replacement stem or some longer stem bolts. Or take the stem bolts into a hardware store and size them up and buy some longer bolts.
I'd be concerned, because if your stem fails you could have a major crash. Make sure when you install it on your bike that it's absolutely secure.
re: Deda Zero StemConcourse1
Feb 23, 2002 8:32 AM
No way I'd take it into a hardware store and try to match it with non manufacturer supplied bolts. That's a disaster waiting to happen and if anything ever should happen, you would have no recourse against Deda and using non spec bolts just might cause a disaster itself.

Take it to the bike shop and have them install it right or get correct bolts for it or both if you value your dental work.
That makes sense..NMDINOSAUR
Feb 23, 2002 8:36 AM
Something isn't right here.Spoke Wrench
Feb 23, 2002 3:17 PM
1. Where did you buy the stem? The most direct solution for a defective part would be to return it to the seller. That's what I would do.

2. I just looked in the QBP catalogue. Their picture of a Deda Zero stem has one pinch bolt in front of the stem. Are you sure that you have a Deda Zero?

3. Higher end stems get stripped out with some frequency, generally due to improper installation. Have you tried screwing your bolts from the back side to see if the threads are good?
Wrench is rightJekyll
Feb 23, 2002 8:15 PM
I have a Deda Zero on one of my bikes. It only has a single bolt which is located in front of the steerer tube. The only place there are two bolts is in the face of the stem.
Stem failure can be dangerous if not deadly - take it back to where ever you bought it and let them figure out what's going on.
Stripped out holes???James
Feb 24, 2002 1:01 AM
Check the holes for the threads. I stripped out one on a Zero stem i had, it's too easy.