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An interesting/sad/true article about Graeme Obree(6 posts)

An interesting/sad/true article about Graeme ObreeBAi9302010
Feb 22, 2002 9:24 PM has an article about Graeme Obree that, when I read it, made me realize what he went through and how much his career actually sucked. I never realized it before, but it may actually be true that cycling officials(the f--king UCI) did everything that they could to keep him from becoming a champion. The worst part was how much great talent was wasted by this. It makes so much sense though, he was from Scotland, not France, Spain, Italy, etc. He had basically no European road racing experience. He was an unknown amateur throughout most of his career, not some famous and exciting "Euro pro". The list goes on.
On top of this, when Graeme decided to try to win back his hour record (which he really deserved)in 2000, he suffered a viral infection and was unable to do so. To top it all off, last summer, on his way back from work one night while riding his bike, he crashed into a brick that some stupid construction worker left in the road and he smashed his knee so badly that he may never return to competitive cycling again.
Personally, I think Graeme's story is one of the sadest I've ever heard and hopefully it will all work out for him.
re: An interesting/sad/true article about Graeme Obreeelliot
Feb 23, 2002 12:06 AM
makes you hope for a speedy recovery from the suicide attempt at christmas, here`s wising he can get back to former glories
and he even failed at that!nm
Feb 23, 2002 7:35 AM
NOT NICE..johan burnt eels
Feb 23, 2002 2:19 PM
funny, but not nice
Obree's "Career"TJeanloz
Feb 23, 2002 1:21 PM
To call what Graeme Obree had a "career" is stretching things a bit. He isn't a bike racer, he is an innovator, pure and simple. I'm generally against the UCI bike regulations, but Obree was ridiculous. Give me an HPV and I could break the hour record. Put me on a bike, and I won't even get close. Obree just stretched the rules so that he could win a title that he couldn't win otherwise. It wasn't cheating, and I recognize him as an Hour Record holder, but he wasn't a great, or even good, bike racer.

I am a fan of the new hour record with the standardized bike- I think that let's us measure the athletes, instead of the technology. I also think there's a place for funny bikes- in an HPV category.

Obree's problem was that he convinced himself that he was as good as the other people who were contending for the record (Indurain, Rominger, Boardman), when really, he was using technology to make up for a serious deficiency in talent.
so high altitude is OK but aero bikes is cheating???johan burnt eels
Feb 23, 2002 2:18 PM
obree does deserve credit for ingenuity and riding. what other hour record was set by with a rider basically buiding his own bike? pushing the envelope has had an effect on all cycling and has affected how things are designed due to his unconventional approach - whether rightly or wrongly. thatkfully we dont ride in the same position he does as its pretty ugly.

admittedly it is hard to standardize every record attempt
but i ask if merckx and moser were "cheating" by going to high altitude.

i still see eddy's ride as the greatest single cycling acheivement. i wish i could hold a 52 x 14 at his cadence (somewhere around 110) for 10 minutes let alone 1 hour.

but respect and credit must be apportioned for obree as well because after failing in the evening he persuaded the officials to let him have another crack at the record the next morning - that is proof enough for me that he could ride and its my belief that not many people could do that.

but yes, merckx could do it all. never be anything like him. sprints, climbs, time-trials, stages, 3 tours, 5 giros, numerous classics, hour record...... i too would feel proud of my belly after doing all that.

maybe orange is the fastest color for a bike?