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knee injury options...(8 posts)

knee injury options...aka Cartman
Feb 22, 2002 10:25 AM
TriNewbies Online Discussion Forum

OK, here's the situation. My knee started to bother me during a brevet last summer. I ended the ride (probably a bit too late) to avoid any further injury. I took it easy for a while, and was able to cycle the rest of the season with a little pain here and there. At then end of the season, I went inside and started doing the spin classes. The knee continued to bother me, so I bit the bullet, and went to the doc, got a batch of Vioxx and took tow weeks of spinning. Wehn I started up again, I started to use a PT (Patellar Tendon) strap when I did the spin class. I thought I was doing much better, because last Wed, I was able to do a spin class, then run 3 miles on the treadmill w/ no pain. I had been carefull about taking a day off in between spins, so I took Thurs off. On Fri, I went to the spin class, and forgot my PT strap. Big mistake. I was now back where I was before taking the vioxx.

Now I'm waiting for the doc to get me another run of Vioxx. In the meantime, it's no spinning for me, and now that the roads are getting better, no riding either. This is my plan: I need to be able to ride about 350 - 400 miles for a charity ride the 2nd week of May. My thought is to stay away from the spin classes all together. I think when the instructor says turn it up, I should not be adding the resistance, because the added resistance (simulating shifting to a higher gear) is probalby what hurt me in the first place. I think if I stay away from the classes, work on my swim and do weights to stay in shape, then start off on the bike by say the latter part of March / beginnning of April, and STAY OUT OF THE BIG RING, plus WEAR MY PT STRAP, I should be OK. My other thought was one leg drills on a trainer. Your thoughts??
take up knitting.nm
Feb 22, 2002 10:51 AM
re: knee injury options...guido
Feb 22, 2002 10:57 AM
I've been there. My right knee will still let me know when I go too hard. So, yes, stay out of the big ring. Spin, and spin some more. That's been the best therapy for me, anyway. It's been five years since I've gotten knee pain riding. I can exert anaerobic power when necessary, not mashing but deliberately turning the crank, using hamstrings and glutes as well as the pushing muscles. Have faith. Exercise heals. Once your legs are well developed for spinning, the knees will be strong enough to handle a big gear, and you won't be mashing anymore.
re: knee injury options...racer c
Feb 22, 2002 11:13 AM
Have you had a fit specialist check your feet when riding for excessive pronation or supination like runners do. I had terrible knee pain, went to a guy who specialized in foot problems for cyclists. Turned out my feet were pronating bad during my pedal stroke, he shimmed my shoes to reduce the pronation and walla, my pain went away almost immediately.
re: pronation-supinationguido
Feb 22, 2002 12:15 PM
My right knee was extremely sensitive to the lateral angle of the shoe cleat, in other words, how the cleat pronated or supinated the foot locked onto the pedal. Getting it right is hard to do with good knees, even harder with bad knees. The bike shop I worked at had good luck with the Fit Kit. How else can you do it, on three bolt clipless cleats?

Shimming shoes and rotating cleats, as they both affect supination or pronation, should both be considered if one has knee problems. THEN learn how to spin!
Feb 22, 2002 11:34 AM
I gave up spinning classes after several months last spring. My knee, with its bad history, could not handle due to the constant stress. Loved spinning, but have a fluid trainer now. Free of knee pain, except for 10k runs..ouch!

re: knee injury options...Helduser
Feb 22, 2002 12:18 PM
Rest and Rice ...Humma Hah
Feb 22, 2002 7:32 PM
I gave my knee some time off, then rode only short rides for a few months (going past 45 miles was when the pain started). Any sign of pain, and I'd stop.

I combined that with stretches on Rice University's website, which I found with a search for "illotibial band." They have stretches illustrated for a number of sports injuries, and the ones they illustrated seemed to help.

In 3 months I was back to riding centuries, and have had no problems since.