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Wendell Homes rides again!(3 posts)

Wendell Homes rides again!Wendell Homes
Feb 22, 2002 10:14 AM
For those of you who remember the thread about the insane bike dealer and my showing up at the weekly shop ride with a new bike bought from another dealer, here's an update:

I decided to show up for the ride after reading a excerpt on Epictetus and Stoic Philosophy that basically said "Permitting another person to disturb your mental equilibrium is to offer yourself in slavery to him..." and, "Any person capable of angering you becomes your master..."

So, I examined my feelings and realized that the group dynamic was important to me and that I needed to show up because others who have been treated badly by this dealer generally stop riding the shop ride after a problem. Plus, I was curious what he would say.

I decided to rub his nose in it a bit by wearing a complimentary jersey from the shop I purchased the bike from complete with the stores name on it. He was surprised to see me and pretended everything was normal, I pretended too. The ride was OK and we never really spoke. I haven't been back to his store and plan to stay away for some time, yet continue the shop ride.

This dealer made the mistake of showing his displeasure and making me uncomfortable. In retail, this stuff happens alot and a good dealer must learn from things like this. I hope he learned something because I know I made the best decision for myself by buying my Serotta from a guy who is an authorized dealer for Serotta and this should be plain to most people. I have no regrets.
Guilt and forgiveness.guido
Feb 22, 2002 11:07 AM
Good quote. Have you read "A Man in Full" by Tom Wolfe. His most symapthetic character is a guy who conducts his life on the principles of Epictetus and the Stoics.

This shop owner can accept you as not one of his boys, and still respect you for showing up on "his ride."
Guilt and forgiveness.woo hoo
Feb 22, 2002 2:31 PM
No, but I've considered reading that book and now you've given me renewed interest, thanks.

Another quote:

"An individual's will must be kept inviolable and autonomous; it must be his own, never subjected to control by others."

That's what my feeling is regarding my own purchasing decisions, if I ride a group ride out of his shop, that doesn't mean I've given up the right to ultimately buy exactly what I
want. If he's a dealer for Trek, Cannondale, or whatever he's going to have to expect certain members of his ride group will venture out into the world of custom frames and bicycles.

I wonder if he might have forgotten the Golden Rule as well, a very basic philosophic principle we all need to practice, because I'd never call him at home to complain about what a bad businessman I thought he might be.