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How much does shipping a bike cost ?(10 posts)

How much does shipping a bike cost ?PeterRider
Feb 21, 2002 9:07 PM

I wanted to know, how much do I have to expect to pay for packing a bike and sending it, say from one side of the country to the other ? What service would you use for shipping ? Is there some to avoid ? The bike I will send is a 5 year old trek 5200.

Thanks for any info !

re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?weiwentg
Feb 21, 2002 10:51 PM
multiple people on rec.bicycles.marketplace have had problems with them getting frames damaged. and they balked when the shippers tried to claim insurance.
I just got a Giant TCR frameset on ebay ... my seller also had problems with UPS in the past. the total was $23 via USPS ... although I suspect he absorbed some of the shipping cost. you could ask him, I suppose ... I think his address was
re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?tarwheel
Feb 22, 2002 5:36 AM
I bought a new bike mail order from Excel last summer, and it cost about $30 to ship from Denver to Raleigh. Bought another used bike from a guy in Michigan about 2 years go, and it cost about $35 to ship. You can probably get a box from a local bike shop. Make sure you get a spacer bar for the forks, and bubble wrap the entire frame. If I was selling a frame on eBay, I would charge $50 to cover the hassle of packing, shipping costs and insurance.
re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?Spoke Wrench
Feb 22, 2002 5:29 AM
During the four years that I owned my own shop, I suppose I received between 500 and 1,000 bikes UPS with no damage claims.

UPS shipping costs will depend on the size and weight of the shipping box and how far you are shiping it. From here in St. Louis I can generally ship a complete bike for $35.00 to any of the 48 continguous states.

I charge $30.00 to pack a bike for shipping. To avoid damage, it's important to pack a bike exactly like they do at the factorys. A regular bicycle shipping box just barely fits under the UPS maximum size limit.
re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?Hayden
Feb 22, 2002 6:12 AM
2 weeks ago I shipped a bike from Jackson, MS to Atlanta. The total came to 17.52 for the shipping. That covered insurance also. I got the bike box for free and wrapped it myself. I also bought 9 dollars worth of bubble wrap to make sure there were no scratches at all. I guess total I had about 28 bucks in it and about 30 minutes in time.
About the box size, the other poster is right. The bike boxes that you will get from the bike shop meet UPS standards by 1/2 and inch!
I've shipped four and maybe even one to Tarwheel...gregario
Feb 22, 2002 6:47 AM
I've shipped four bikes over the last few years. I've used UPS for all of those shipments. The first time I was shipping a mountain bike to California from Michigan and the a**hole that agreed to buy it backed out and was never home when UPS tried to deliver. I told the guy he had to be there or at least call the 800 number to arrange to pick it up at the UPS center. It ended up being shipped all the way back to me and it was damaged in the process. The box looked like it was run over. A wheel was ruined and UPS paid for the replacement but wouldn't pay the cost of packing. I called the guy and asked what the hell was going on and he then told me he changed his mind. All three other shipments went well. The key is to pack it properly. I bring it to a shop that charges $50-60 but they do a fantastic job. I tried to save a little money once and brought it to another shop and they didn't do as good a job and the recipient commented on it, but there was no damage.

I insure it for what would be the cost of a replacement bike of the same quality and it's cost me between $36-40 for shipping UPS ground from Michigan, and I've shipped to Virginia, Texas, & Arizona.
re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?davet
Feb 22, 2002 8:54 AM
I just shipped a complete bike, Trek 540, in its own carton along with another box with a wheelset from Washington State to Virginia for $54.00 via FedEx ground. UPS would not take the bicycle box, it was 2" oversized. No problem with FedEx.
why is it different for me?Frankl
Feb 22, 2002 3:41 PM
first of all, i just shipped a 43# mtb bike + box + packaging by UPS from CA to AZ for $40 some dollars.

I went to Fedex and they said the box is too big and they won't take COD with an account (or something like that)
i went to USPS and they said the box is too big.
UPS is the only one that will take the box.

I wondering why different part of the country got different response from shipping carrier?
why is it different for me?Sub
Feb 22, 2002 8:16 PM
I got screwed. paid $98.00 to ship from california to Ohio. I knew that girl's math was off.

why is it different for me?Spoke Wrench
Feb 23, 2002 2:26 PM
So did you take it to UPS direct or did you ship it through one of those packaging places?