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6'3" person - what size bike range(14 posts)

6'3" person - what size bike rangeslow moe
Feb 21, 2002 10:03 AM
I'm 6'3" slowly loosing weight :P and i am looking into getting a road bike. I have seen some nice 59cm bikes, but a friend of mine says i should get a 60 or 61. What does everyone here have to say?
Not that easyColnagoFE
Feb 21, 2002 10:16 AM
Road bikes are sized differently depending on manufacturer. Go to a good shop and get fitted. Pay for the fitting if you have to, but don't buy a bike that doesn't fit. I'm 6'2" and rode a 60cm Merlin and a 62cm Colnago. Still I have long legs/short torso so that may not work for you. I'm guessing you need a pretty big frame. there won't be much out there in stock to choose from so all the more important to get fitted first.
There is no standard size for 6-3.Elefantino
Feb 21, 2002 10:17 AM
Sizing depends on a lot of things: inseam, torso length, etc. Your friend is in the right range, but for a better idea go to Wrench Science and use their fit guidelines.

Then try out a few bikes and see what feels best. I know a 6-4 rider who rides a 59, and a 6-1 rider who rides a 56. So there are exceptions. Depends on you.

There is no standard size for 6-3.Eric16
Feb 21, 2002 10:59 AM
I'm 6'3 riding a 59 and its comfy to depends on more measurments than height alone...
it dependsbigrider
Feb 21, 2002 10:23 AM
The important part is to make sure your top tube fits your torso and you still have clearance to stand over the bike. Generally speaking you should have a 61-63cm c-t bike frame if you are normally proportioned. I am 6'2" but have a long torso and shorter legs and have a problem finding longer top tube bike frames( i need at least a 60cm top tube. Some bikes have shorter top tubes like italian steel bikes, trek oclvs, while lemonds and airbornes have longer top tubes. Check it out and measure yourself before you guess and buy. It is worth the time and effort. Fit is everything.
6'4" guy says, "No smaller than 62."Retro
Feb 21, 2002 11:33 AM
Actually it will vary a little depending on your proportions, but I'm only an inch taller than you are, and a 62 is noticeably too small for me--I have to use a long seatpost, then either reach too far down for the bars or swap the stem to get them up where they should be. I recommend, advise, beseech and strongly urge you to at least RIDE a 64cm before you buy anything.
Yes, they're hard to find. That's why the bike shops are trying to sell you 59s--they get lots of those.
re: 6'3" person - what size bike rangebestt
Feb 21, 2002 12:54 PM
Ride the smallest bike you can! I'm 6'3" and my road/track bikes range from 57-59cm.
Bad advice...ride the size that fits--not the smallest you can nDave Thomas
Feb 21, 2002 2:07 PM
re: 6'3" person - what size bike rangeDrD
Feb 21, 2002 1:45 PM
I'm 6'3" as well, and ride a 63cm c-t frame (61cm c-c) with a 61cm headtube - if you haven't been trying things out, I would strongly recommend getting out there and test-riding some stuff - don't buy a bike just because it looks nice to you, buy it because it fits (and looks nice to you ;-) )
where do you find all those 63cm bikes to test ride? (nm)Dave Thomas
Feb 21, 2002 2:08 PM
kinda presents a challange, doesn't it!DrD
Feb 22, 2002 5:33 AM
Obviously not easy to do - in many cases, might not even be possible (unless you have a good lbs which will get one in for you, once you are serious about the purchase) - you can try smaller sizes with the stem and seatpost set up to get you where you need to be, which gives you a pretty good idea what the frame will feel like, though.

For myself, I previously had the largest Schwinn Peloton I could get (61 with a 140mm stem), so based my sizing upon that (I knew what the end result should be for a top tube, handlebar position, etc. to be comfortable, so sizing was easy - plus, I wanted to have an easier time getting the bars closer in height to the saddle without using a funky looking stem). Once I found the frame which did what I needed, I ordered it up in the size I wanted (I was trying to stay in the $1500 range for the frame, and wanted something stiff in the bottom bracket area - alot of larger frames are not - so I went with a 99 LS Ultimate which was being blown out for $1300 or so in early '00)
re: 6'3" person - what size bike rangewsexson
Feb 21, 2002 1:47 PM
It depends on your standover height and how the frame is measured.

One 6'4" rider said that a 62cm frame is too small for him. I am also 6'4", and a 62cm (c-t) frame would be the largest size I would be able to ride safely. The other guy probably has long legs. I have short legs and a long torso.

The advice to get fitted at a competent LBS is probably a good idea.

The suggestion is a good one, too (just use those results as a starting point, and not the definitive answer).
a few thoughtsDAC
Feb 21, 2002 2:31 PM
I'm 6'2", and I'm happy with a 62-64 cm frame, depending on the manufacturer. Most guys my size like 60 cm frames. A 59 is too small for you, unless you have very short legs.
re: 6'3" person - what size bike rangeDaveG
Feb 21, 2002 4:33 PM
First, it depends on whether you are measuring center-center or center-top. That could mean a difference of 1.5-2cm. A 59 c-t would probably be too small for most riders your size. I'm 6'3" and ride a 59 c-c which fits me just fine. 58 c-c is as low as I could go and get a reasonable fit. Of course that depends on other things also such as top tube length and your specific measurements (height not a good measurement for assessing size). As others have already said, find a good shop that can fit you and take advantage of their advice. Don't be afraid to use your own input as to what feels right to you. Based on the responses you received, there is a great difference in opinion on the subject - everyone agrees that fit is important but no one can agree on what that is exactly.