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Saw a creative bike light set-up...(6 posts)

Saw a creative bike light set-up...PdxMark
Feb 21, 2002 9:41 AM
Bike commuting in the dark works pretty well here, so long as you use nice bright lights. I feel reasonably well lit with my front & rear Niterider stuff (after fianally getting a set that works). But riding home from work the other night a cyclist crossed the road in front of me and reminded me that a little "out-of-the-box" thinking can work well.

The problem with many lights is the side view. I have reflectors & reflective tape everywhere for the side views, but this guy had a string of red LED X-mas lights strung around his frame. He was, literally, lit up like a Christmas tree. I could see him from the side from a few blocks away.... It was great!!

I'm thinking I'll do the same, but haven't yet decided whether to plug it all into the Niterider battery (which means I need to get the details on the Niterider connector size)- oh, and I need to find the light string...

I rode up to compliment the guy on his light scheme. It turns out that I knew him from college 20 years ago... a small world.
sounds like a fun projectTig
Feb 21, 2002 11:08 AM
Even just a few LED's on each side should make a good difference in visibility. A trip to the local electronic store and some imagination is all you need.

I used to make LED systems for friends that would immitate car alarm LED's. A flashing LED mounted on the car's dash plus a hidden toggle switch and a battery case can send the average dumb thief on to the next car.
try tireflysnm
Feb 21, 2002 11:49 AM
I imagine some people have no idea what you're talking about...biknben
Feb 21, 2002 12:20 PM

Tireflys screw onto you valve stems and blink while the wheel spins. I have a pair but have not used them yet. I think they cost $15 incl. shipping.
I imagine some people have no idea what you're talking about...flybyvine
Feb 21, 2002 6:42 PM
Will these things screw onto a presta valve ? The site is not clear.

Feb 22, 2002 5:39 AM
you will need to buy the presta/shrader valve adapter at your lbs for about 85 cents.