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Can you recommend a good pair of sunglasses for riding?(16 posts)

Can you recommend a good pair of sunglasses for riding?BMW
Feb 20, 2002 10:40 AM
Briko, Rudy Project...who's got the best lenses in the business?

Honestly, I like my Oakley M-Frames...Cima Coppi
Feb 20, 2002 10:46 AM
They scratch as easy as any plastic lens out there, but they are very clear. The lenses require a lot of baby-ing. What I especially like about Oakley is they have so many different lens tints and colors, there is something for every lighting environment we encounter out on the road.

A riding partner just bought a pair of Rudy Project's (I forget the model), and their lenses are also really nice.

Honestly, I like my Oakley M-Frames...MikeC
Feb 20, 2002 11:29 AM
I use M-Frames also. They do a great job of protection, and the optics are as good as I've found.
However...they do tend to fog up easily when you stop (they wrap so well that there's not much low-speed ventilation), and there have been times when I'd like to use a mirror, but I've yet to find one that fits the arms well (and don't even think about those little stick-on things).
The fogging problem has supposedly been solved...Cima Coppi
Feb 20, 2002 11:40 AM
with the new vented M lenses. I have a pair of these that have cutouts along the top line of the lens where it clips into the frame. I have not used them yet, so I do not really know if they work, but others have said they prevent the lens from fogging.

I love my Rudy Project Tayostuffnick
Feb 20, 2002 10:57 AM
I love my Tayos. Super sweet sunglasses, come with a hard case thats practically indestructable and 3 pairs of lenses. To get the Pro M's with a soft case and 3 lenses you'd be looking at double this.

In terms of optical clarity Oakleys always have been and at this will be the absolute best but once you get into the higher end sunglasses like the Rudy Projects the optical clarity is almost negligible.
Best thing about the Smith sliders is...tempeteKerouak
Feb 20, 2002 11:10 AM
They come with three lenses swap; black smoked, yellow and rusty red-orange.

They are easy to change and well made.

It's a matter of face shape though, like all sunnies.

My dog ate my Smith. Now I got some Oakleys with yellow Nikon prescription. But I miss the versatile and lightweight Sliders. Not expensive either, consider you get three lenses combinations.
Brikos, if you can afford themMcAndrus
Feb 20, 2002 11:11 AM
I have some Briko Sprinters that are super comfortable and the optics are superb. These things are not cheap, though. I got them on sale at Colorado Cyclist and I'd have to swallow real hard before I'd pay full retail for the Brikos.
re: Can you recommend a good pair of sunglasses for riding?lap3
Feb 20, 2002 11:38 AM
I've had the Rudy Project Skeeys and Tayos for a while now and they have been great! Good fit, nice clarity, and no distorted vision. Plus, they have an awesome warranty if you should encounter any problems with them. My next pair will probably be their Ekynox but I'm having a tough time finding them...
Check out this website to order Ekynox's...Cima Coppi
Feb 20, 2002 11:43 AM

re: Can you recommend a good pair of sunglasses for riding?Woof the dog
Feb 20, 2002 4:44 PM
yep thats what I got too, tayos and skeeys - both are awesome stuff, although for contact lenses, tayos are definitely better, the downside though is that when you do a head check, the frame of tayos is in the way. Overall, the bestest shit outthere.

Why buy Ekynox if they are so similar to Tayo's???? It looks like a different vent slit and thats about it.


Woof, the dog in the projects
Costa Del MarLLSmith
Feb 20, 2002 12:01 PM
I have the Costa Del Mar "fluid" glasses. They are light and comfortable.Not much problem with fogging as they are vented.They come with three lenses and a fourth is available.If you have a large head you might want to take a look at these glasses.I know the other glasses mentioned are good, but some are not real comfortable for large heads.
re: Can you recommend a good pair of sunglasses for riding?JimP
Feb 20, 2002 12:22 PM
I have switched from Bolle to Oakley because Bolle doesn't seem to carry any replacement parts for glasses older than a year. Also, Bolle wouldn't even respond to emails. I talked with an Oakley rep at HHH where they were replacing some parts for glasses several years old and they make a point to have replacement parts available.
Glasses are like bicycle seatsMel Erickson
Feb 20, 2002 1:14 PM
What works for one may not for another. Every head is a different size and shape. Eyes are set wider or narrower. Some of us even have hairy protruding brows (you know who you are). Any recommendation would be tentative, at best. That said, I like Bolle the best. They fit my long, narrow (but strong jawed) face the best. Any my long eyelashes don't brush the lenses.
re: Can you recommend a good pair of sunglasses for riding?wsexson
Feb 20, 2002 1:19 PM
I agree with the Smith Sliders recommendation. I really like my Smith Mainlines. They are comfortable, durable, versatile, and functional.
Not specifically for cyclingGiles
Feb 20, 2002 1:37 PM
Not typical cycling glasses but Maui Jim glasses have the best lenses. Tempered glass (very scratch resistant) and polarized.
Beemer: Try Ray-Ban. (I'm not kidding.)Elefantino
Feb 20, 2002 2:18 PM
I have worn Oakleys (various kinds, including Ms), Smiths, Bolles ... and then I got a pair of Ray-Ban Daddy-Os, as an everyday (read: non-cycling) pair of sunglasses.

One day last spring I forgot my Bolles, but I had my Ray-Bans in the car. Wore them. Best glasses ever. Great lenses, and the way they fit me on the nose bridge is perfect for my cycling position.

It's probably not a common suggestion, but might be worth a look.