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Thoughts on these bikes?(7 posts)

Thoughts on these bikes?fsu_surfer
Feb 20, 2002 8:22 AM
I have been looking for a entry-level used bike and have found three in my price/component range. Could you guys give me some feedback on the different bike's components/tires/etc... Also these are the "exact" classified's, so what should I ask them when talking about purchasing? I am wondering this b/c they don't list all of the parts, (I looked under "complete road bikes") maybe they are missing certain parts, ie. pedals, shifters, etc?

92' Puch Mistral
Frame- Columbus SLX. Fork- Bianchi. Bar- Cinelli 64-62.
Stem- Nitto Dynamic (90 degree). Headset- Shimano 600.
Front Der- Campy. Rear der- Shimano 600 SIS (12 spd)
Brakes, Shifters, Cranks- Shimano 600
Pedals- Look clip-ins. Computer-Cateye.

88' Masi Gran Corsa
Columbus motor tubing. Combination DA/105 components. Downtube shifting. Ambrosio stem/handle bars. Mavic rims. Shimano hubs. Look pedals.

Cannondale SR 800 (yr?)
Ultegra 600 rear/105 front der, brakes, headset,rear hub,cassestte,bb. RSX STI levers, crank.
Cinelli bars, stem, ultralight seatpost. Selle Italia Trans Am saddle. Zip carbon front hub laced to Sun MEI4A rims. Michelin Axial Pro tirs. Xtra wheelset included.

All of the bikes are in a similar price range and in my size. I am new to cycling and in need of a good bike to have fun on, get a good workout, etc. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

What is your price range?pmf1
Feb 20, 2002 8:37 AM
These things are museum pieces. I hope someone isn't trying to get more than $200 for any of them. The Cannondale is about the same vintage (early 90's), probably a 2.8 series frame (these froceeded the CAADs). I guess the CD has STI levers although RSX is pretty much the bottom of the barrel (7-speed I assume). That CD will be a rough rider.

Masi is a good name, but I've never heard of motor tubing. The Puch is made of SLX which was a premier tubing at the time. Both will have a comfortable steel ride, but will be really heavy. Does the Puch have STI? If so, I'd get that one.

For a bit more money, you could probably find a more modern bike.
re: Thoughts on these bikes?Truth
Feb 20, 2002 8:40 AM
Size and fit is the most important of all. I had to go through half a dozen bike to find the perfect fit. Assuming sizing is not a problem, then I would lean toward the C'dale because newer models are easier in terms of repairs and replacement parts.

Some old people are going to tell you the craftsmanship and quality of bikes from 25 years ago are lost today and you should go with the old model. They will also tell you it's easy to track down those 6 speed freewheels, although it will take you maybe 200 phone calls to do that.
HA HA HA HA HA! Nah, just several dozen. nmscottfree
Feb 20, 2002 9:26 AM
don't buy old crap...C-40
Feb 20, 2002 2:16 PM
All you'll get is outdated and maybe worn out parts that may cost a lot to repair. Purchasing a low level, but new or almost new model is wiser.
Other people tell me to buy used?fsu_surfer
Feb 20, 2002 5:00 PM
I am new to this and I don't want to spend the high $ right away, so my prcie range is less than $400. I just want something to have fun with and get a good workout, etc.
Most of the people on here tell me to buy used, then you tell me to but new? The new bikes, entry-level that is, are all around $400-800. Most have Sora, cheap tires, etc. I am getting confused with all of the conflicting advice. I just wanna ride...
Good Idea buy usedjakart
Feb 20, 2002 7:20 PM
Two years ago I bought a $400 '93 7 speed Paramount PDG. Made in Japan of tange tubing not Waterford Wisconson. Put about 1000 miles on it and then added; ultegra open pro wheels 180 and shmano 8 speed sti 100, used derailer chain cassette 60 and flite saddle 60.
4500 miles later it is still a really nice bike and it has been fun to upgrade.

It's not really light... neither am I. Could I have found something better for 800? Maybe.

Now I have a '94 Titanium Superlight Basso (by litespeed) that I'm building up. Its been a good winter project and will use some of the upgrades from the Paramount.

Go figure I could have spent all my money all at once and had an new entry level sled 800 and then spent 400 in upgrades. Could I have bought something nice for 1200? Sure

Its like the lady said there ain't no romance without finance got to have that do rey me to have the la te da....

Get a used bike ride it maybe you'll hate riding and and will save yourself some$$$$

Later JK