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60-year-old man struck, killed by bus(1 post)

60-year-old man struck, killed by busmr_spin
Feb 20, 2002 7:55 AM
I read this in the San Jose Mercury News this morning. The text below comes from the online version, which is missing the key line from the print version that says "Sgt. Whatever says the bus driver was not at fault."


I guess if you honk first, it's OK to run a cyclist over.


60-year-old man struck, killed by bus

after colliding with two other bicyclists

A bicyclist was killed Tuesday in San Jose when a Valley Transportation Authority bus accidentally ran over him.

San Jose police said Nam Van Phan, 60, of San Jose, died when he collided with two other cyclists and fell under a bus on Senter Road near Tully Road after the driver honked to indicate she was pulling over to a bus stop.

Phan apparently did not hear the honking. The bus driver's name was withheld pending an investigation.