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Quill -> Threadless Stem adapters(6 posts)

Quill -> Threadless Stem adaptersVetteRacer
Feb 20, 2002 1:39 AM
Wondering if anyone has had any experience with these. I am thinking of running it on my road bike. Reason being, I prefer the look of the stems better (and I need new stem anyways). According to one of the catalogs I have it says the Cinelli adapter is 88g, figuring on a 140g stem ontop of that and I am lighter then a normal quill too.

Looking mostly for horror and great success comments. Please no "worthless", etc comments :)
re: Quill -> Threadless Stem adaptersElefantino
Feb 20, 2002 5:12 AM
I have the Performance adapter and it's fine. ITM stem on top of it, weighs in combo about as much as my old quill stem.

re: Quill -> Threadless Stem adaptersdavet
Feb 20, 2002 7:49 AM
Matt: I've used a stem adaptor for a couple of years now. They work well. They are stiff and strong. There is not much height adjustment so you have to be careful in your stem selection. As an aside have you ever been fitted? If not, maybe you could find a Serotta Certified Fit Specialist, pay the bucks for a full tilt fitting, and then you would have your written "presription" for a proper fit. Even though the fitting costs, you would have the exact measurments needed and be able to choose things like the correct stems, bars etc.,from the get-go and not wind up with a bunch of ill fitting equipment laying around from experiments.

re: Quill -> Threadless Stem adaptersVetteRacer
Feb 20, 2002 4:57 PM
I am getting fitted in about 24 hours. Thats the reason I am replacing the stem anyways (most likely atleast). Mechanic has a replacement stem that has full range of movement, so can get an exact, and then figure out what stem comes closest.

Need to find out my bar specs to compare to the bars I will eventually get though also, not sure if those will be effective to the stem length.

Thanks for the reply.
horror storystr8dum1
Feb 20, 2002 10:36 AM
i had one on my TT bike. goin along at ~30mph in a 2 man TT, i feel the steering get loose after i went over a dip in the road. i controlled stopped and noticed that the top part the stem is attached to had sheared from the quill. good thing i was going straight over a smooth road. it was a performance topo brand adaptor which is prolly made in the same factory as all the others. I would NEVER use one agaiN!!!
Feb 20, 2002 10:51 AM
I had a Zoom adapter ($20) installed last month. No problems so far; I like the setup. I will replace my fork and headset with threadless versions eventually.