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lil' help for the new guy!(3 posts)

lil' help for the new guy!empacher6seat
Feb 19, 2002 6:31 PM
I'm pretty new to cycling... I started last year on a piece of junk, Canadian Tire brand mountain bike, going across the city to rowing practices every morning. Recently I've been considering buying a road bike... I looked around for a few months and bought one 2nd hand for $300 Canadian... around 8 years old... Columbo Concorde frame with new dura-ace components. Considering I knew pretty much nothing about road bikes.. or any bike for that matter when I bought it, I got dooped, because the frame is wwayyy too small for me (it's 54, I need a 59). However, I went around to all the bike shops in town and they all said I could sell the bike from $800-900 Canadian. So here's the question: would it be wiser to just sell the frame and buy a frame my size, keeping the new components or just sell the whole bike and buy a different one my size?? I'm not looking for anything top of the line or anything... just something to get me around.
Feb 19, 2002 8:23 PM

So that's about 190 American dollars right? Whew! Nice deal!

FYI: a listed price online for a new full Shimano DA kit is $1049.00 American. Or $1468.00 Canadian (roughly).

If this truly is all new Dura Ace componentry and the wheels are good, I'd say put the frame on Ebay and just buy a new frame.

A good frame with new DA should be MORE than adequate to "get around" on. Especially at THAT price.


Highway robberyElefantino
Feb 19, 2002 9:31 PM
If you did indeed get new Dura-Ace componentry, even if it is new old stock, for $192 bucks, then you, my friend, have pulled off the best heist since Butch Cassidy hit the Flyer. My hearty congratulations.

I concur: Dump the frame on eBay for whatever you can get (don't be greedy, start at $1 with no reserve and just let it find its price) and then start working on a new bike. With Dura-Ace in your hand, you're already way ahead.


PS: If it's NEW new Dura-Ace, and the bike shops said it could sell for $800-900 Canadian, they were attempting to out-heist you.