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Recessed cleats(3 posts)

Recessed cleatshoolie
Feb 19, 2002 3:39 PM
I do a lot of sport touring and like the walkability of a shoe with a recessed cleat. I've been in old Ultegra pedals for about 4 years, and want to make a switch. I'm not too stoked about Speedplay Frogs.

What else is there that folks like? As I understand it, the newer SPD-R pedals (nicer due to the wider platform) won't fit a recessed sole setup... true?

The other option may be Time.

Basically, I want the widest platform possible. I know, I know, I should bag the recessed cleat/ATB shoe setup and buy some Looks or something but let's ASSUME I'm not going to do that.

re: Recessed cleatspmf1
Feb 20, 2002 5:50 AM
Not much I can think of that will work. My wife uses Ritchey pedals which are basically older style Shimano pedals that work with mountian bike shoes. She likes them, but I can't handle such a small pedal. Speedplays look even worse. I use Time mountian pedals for commuting and when I do bike tours. Yeah my Litespeed Ultimate with fancy wheels and DA components (traveling bike) looks pretty goofy with mtb pedals, but for touring they work very well. If you have to get off the bike and walk around, it really helps to have a mtn shoe set up. I have to walk on marble floors at work, which would be difficult in standard cleats.

For riding, I like Time road pedals. Kinda heavy, but they have a nice big platform. Weight isn't everything. I suppose you could try to get cleat covers. Might make walking easier. Or you could buy the Ritchey pedals and keep doing what you do now.
re: Recessed cleatsraboboy
Feb 20, 2002 6:32 AM
I use Time pedals and am very happy with them. Plenty wide and easy to get in & out of. I don't think the weight of the pedal is too big an issue.