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mountain morph pump and steel frame(4 posts)

mountain morph pump and steel framemlbd
Feb 19, 2002 1:39 PM
is it okay to mount my pump on the frame? i'm tired of carrying a camelbak (switching to bottles for shorter rides). my pump won't fit in my pocket and it's not a traditional frame mounting pump. it came with some kind of plastic strap contraption that i'm supposed to mount on the top tube. will this strap thing scratch off paint and lead to the possibility of rust? if i eventually abandon this pump will it leave a nice black gash in my beautiful red paint : )? should i just buy a new pump? any experiences with this?
re: mountain morph pump and steel framelaffeaux
Feb 19, 2002 1:51 PM
Straps do cause paint damage. If that causes rust, who knows.

Many mountain pumps mount on brackets that are attached to the frame via the water bottle cage bolts. The pumps ride alongside your water bottle. I've had good luck with this style of pump. Just be sure the pump is rated to a high enough pressure. Also, it takes a lot of strength to force in more air above 100 psi or so - be prepared to work.
re: mountain morph pump and steel frameJs Haiku Shop
Feb 19, 2002 1:57 PM
I carried a topeak--not the road/mountain morph, but some other model for road--attached to my top tube. it did leave some small scratches on the finish of the frame. i moved it to my seat tube water bottle braze-ons, it was fine but sure cluttered-up the frame. i've since gone 100% co2 on the road bikes, and haven't yet looked back. everyone that's present when i change a flat with co2 shows on the next group ride with their own co2 inflator...inexpensive and fast, but one shot's all ya got (i carry a bunch of cartridges). the inflator fits in jersey pockets or seat pack. i use the innovations second wind, which i got on sale (last year's model) from nashbar for 9.99. carts from walmart at a steal.
re: mountain morph pump and steel frameSpoke Wrench
Feb 19, 2002 2:11 PM
The Mountain Morph comes with a bracket that is significantly different from other frame pumps. It looks to me that if you are sure to use the rubber pad under the band that goes around the frame tube, you shouldn't be bothered with scratching your frame. The pump says it pumps up to 120 psi with ease. I'd take the "with ease" part with a grain of salt, but I'd think it would serve your needs on a road bike OK.