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Cleats and Peddles - LBS mistake?(6 posts)

Cleats and Peddles - LBS mistake?UncleMoe
Feb 19, 2002 10:17 AM
I bought a new MTB yesterday that doesn't come with peddles. As part of the deal, the LBS threw in a pair of Shimano PD-M515 peddles. They then sold me SH36 cleats. I tried them last night and they don't seem to fit right, they are just too tough to clip in and out of and that is in the loosest setting. It is like I have to pry my foot out.

So I looked at Shimano's chart and they say to use the SH51, SH52 or SH55 cleats with those peddles. In fact, I can't find any info on the SH36 cleats.

The LBS isn't all that close to me and for $20, it might be easier to just go to another shop and buy the correct cleats. But at the same time there is some principal in returning them, even if they did throw in a free pair of peddles.

What would you do?

Any idea on how I can find more on the Sh36 cleats?
LBS mistake? yep, they screwed upTig
Feb 19, 2002 10:22 AM
Maybe they just didn't know any better, but they should correct the problem with an exchange. That should be their responsibility. Come armed with the facts you have from Shimano in case you are dealing with a bonehead.
LBS mistake? yep, they screwed upUncleMoe
Feb 19, 2002 11:16 AM
I just gave them a call and they said the SH36 is their storepart number, but they should be the right cleats - the SH51's.

I'm using Specialized shoes, so he said to take a look at how the MTB shoe sole meshes with the peddle and cleat. He said I might have to trim away a section of the hard sole. Sorta makes sense cause the undersole is pretty narrow and could easily interfere with the twisting action of the foot to release.

I'll take a look at it tonight to see it visually. Figured I'd follow up on here so no one was searching around for info on the SH36 cleat.

Oh well, that was a productive 2 hours here at work. I learned a lot about cleat compatibility though. Gotta love the internet, but it burns so much time too.
I'll give you some old 52's if you want them.Barnyard
Feb 19, 2002 2:21 PM
drop me an email
re: Cleats and Peddles - LBS mistake?robbz27
Feb 19, 2002 2:45 PM
I worked in a shop where we sold a LOT of 515 pedals. Which shoes are you using? If it is the RockHopper model you are going to have some trouble. Make sure the cleat is as close to the center of the cutout as possible. Yes, you might have to cut. Good luck

Which bike did you get? Congrats
re: Cleats and Peddles - LBS mistake?UncleMoe
Feb 19, 2002 3:45 PM
Thanks. The shoes are the Specialized Sport Mountain shoe. The soles are pretty narrow and I'm pretty sure I'll have to cut. I've tried the cleat more towards the middle but then I feel like a bowlegged fool when I pedal. No big deal, they are on closeout for $18 online. Maybe I'll order another pair as a backup.

I got the Santa Cruz Superlight - $1700. I was sweating bricks making the purchase as that is about 2/3s of my bonus heck for the year. I posted on MTBR yesterday all excited about it, but was too embarrassed to post over their kicking stones about the cleats and wondering what I'm missing.

I'm glad I called to talk to the LBS about it. I was half ready to go down to the LBS demanding new cleats. Boy, I would have felt foolish when it turned out to be the shoes. Wouldn't be the first time, which is why I asked here.

You should have seen me in the camera shop when the 35mm filter I bought wouldn't screw onto my camera lense. I didn't realize I had the lense facing the wrong way. I can be stupid like that, and felt it when the guy turned it over and it screwed right on. lol.