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Lower-back!!! suspension seatpost??(9 posts)

Lower-back!!! suspension seatpost??Wil
Feb 18, 2002 12:25 PM
I fairly new to road-biking. I did my first 50-miler a couple of weeks ago and I felt great afterwards. However, the next day my lower back was so bad, I was out of commision that Sunday and out of work the following day. I have had a history of lower-back problems. Has anyone had this happen to them after a long ride? How did you help solve the problem? Would a suspension seatpost help? I have a 2001 Cannondale R800 (stock). Thanks in advance.
no; musculation, sit-up and back lifts and...tempeteKerouak
Feb 18, 2002 12:40 PM
Try this:

1)Push-up position, lift left leg as straight as possible, horizontal to ground, simultaneously lift right arm.

Can you keep and hold this position? You need to work on this.

2)Rocking boat: Flat on your stomach, arch your back up, pointing forward your arms, hands palm down feet and legs up.

3) Strech. Do sit-ups and back specific musculation.

4)Pedaling position/technique.

The strain comes from effort, not comfort. However, if you have disc and nerves problems, of just comfort issues, the suspension seat post can be great. It also reduces fatigue and ameliorates efficiency by keeping your wheel in contact with the ground. More integrity with the bike. We use one on the tandem and I love it. I would eventually put one on the road bike. It just has not happened.
no; musculation, sit-up and back lifts and...Wil
Feb 18, 2002 12:58 PM
Thanks for the advice tempeteKerouak. After those couple of days I vowed to strengthen my lower back. I've been doing back lifts at the gym. I'll try the other exercises you suggest.
Whoa NellyMel Erickson
Feb 18, 2002 1:13 PM
Slow down here. If you have a history of back problems what is your diagnosis? Some of the suggested exercises may work but some may harm you, especially if done wrong, in excess, etc. What kind of treatment have you had for your back and what has worked? Before embarking on a training regimen my suggestion is to see a physical therapist, exercise psysiologist, trainer, sports medicine physician, etc. etc., (take your pick or add your favorite specialist) to create a program that's tailored to your needs and limitations (if any).

However, since you're new to road biking I suggest the time tested first. Does your bike fit and is it set up properly? There are a myriad of resources, from the info on the Colorado Cyclist site to a fitting at your local bike shop. I'd almost bet part of your problem has to do with fit.
Whoa NellyWil
Feb 18, 2002 2:54 PM
True. I understand the concern. It's nothing serious. I think I'm just too tall. I had a Chiropracter assign me some exercises and I'll ask him about any new ones I'll take up. This weekend I'll refit the bike for myself according to what those web-sites suggest. Thanks friends.
re: Lower-back!!! try touring stem rider
Feb 18, 2002 3:37 PM
HI Wil. I had lower back problems and found lifting weights help stength the muscles. I mainly do crunches and some back stetches. But my back hurt after long rides or from MTB races.

I changed my R600 stem to a high more layed back rise. I noticed my back doesn't hurt. I was stetched forward and my ab muscles weren't strong enough to help the lower back.

I noticed this winter I have more flex and can ride in the drops longer now than two years ago. But I still like the layback rise stem. Don't change something on your bike fit when it is working. I get harass by some friends that my bike doesn't look right, but they draught off of me on those windy days.

I try a different stem and do the exercises.

Good luck
re: Lower-back!!! try touring stem up.Wil
Feb 18, 2002 4:56 PM
Thanks pa rider for taking the time to write. I may have to get a new stem. I feel a bit stretched with the stock setup and I feel unbalanced when I hold on to the drop bars as opposed to riding with my hands on top, which is where I feel most comfortable.
work on abs....C-40
Feb 18, 2002 4:49 PM
Back problems often result from weak abdominals. Try hanging knee raises, crunches and a cheap "ab wheel". The ab wheel can be challenging for beginners. Experienced users can touch their nose to floor on each repetition.
re: Lower-back!!! suspension seatpost??CT1
Feb 18, 2002 9:41 PM
Lots of good suggestions.

Your bike is not "back friendly" also. Might not be "the" reason but it sure aint helpin.

good luck with the stretching and recovery