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Buying used over internet ???'s(5 posts)

Buying used over internet ???'sfsu_surfer
Feb 18, 2002 12:16 PM
I have posted several times on here looking for info on getting into cycling. Most of the responses tell me to buy used. And after some research I have found some good bikes that are in my $ range. I just have a few questions about buying bikes on the net.

1. How much is shipping and how is the bike shipped?
2. If unassembled, can I do it myself or will the LBS charge me alot to put it together?
3. I am unsure of what size will truly fit right. LBS wouldn't sell me an 58cm, cause im too long. (6'3" without shoes.) How can I find out which frame size is for me 60-64?
4. How much will the LBS charge to fit the bike for me once I have purchased it?

These are the used bikes I am intersested in:

1. 92 Puch Mistral, $200
frame: columbus SLX. Fork: Bianchi. Bar: Cinelli 64-62. Stem: Nitto Dynamic (90 deg.) Headset:Shimano 600 Front Der: Campy. Rear Der: Shimano 600 SIS (12 spd)
Brakes, shifts,cranks: Shimano 600
Pedals: Look clip in. Computer: Cateye

2. 88 Gran Corsa, $175
Columbus motor tubing. Combination Dura Ace/105 comps.
Downtube shifting. Ambroso stem/handlbars
Mavic Rims/Shimano Hubs. Look pedals

3. Cannondale SR 800, $250
Ultegra 600 rear/105 front der, brakes,headset,rear hub cass, bottombracket. RSX STI levers crank. Cinelli Bars, stem, ultralight seatpost. Selle Italia Trans Am saddle. Zipp carbon front hub laced to Sun MEI4A rims. Michelin Axial Pro tires. Extra wheelset included.

4. Bianchi Brava, $350
105 throughout, downtube shifting, New Italia seat. No Pedals.

5. Trek Composite 2300 Pro, $450

6. Bianchi-Columbus Max/reporte corse, $400
Camp: bottom bracket, Daytona brake, Mavic wheels, Michelin HiLite prestige tires, Campy hubs, carbon seat post. Kestrel carbon fork, Cateye comp. Steel frame. Down tube shifting.

Any thoughts or comments on the bikes would be greatly appreciated.

re: Buying used over internet ???'sdstratto
Feb 18, 2002 1:05 PM
Here's what I've learned...
1) shipping will run about $50 - $70 to the 48.
2) if you don't have experience assembling bikes, DO NOT try it yourself... the results could be disastrous. Figure on an extra $50 and half a day shop time at your LBS for assembly and tuning.
3) I think you should be sized at your LBS, but there are several websites out there that can walk you through the process. Try
4) Once you've purchased the bike, it's too late for fitting (except the seatpost height and stem length). Make sure you buy something that fits!!! You'll enjoy it a whole lot more.

BTW, of the bikes you mentioned, I'd go with the Bianchi+Kestrel fork (if it's a perfect fit). Always buy the best frame that you can afford. You can always upgrade components later.
answersSpoke Wrench
Feb 18, 2002 1:12 PM
1. I don't know where you live, but I've shipped many bikes from the St. Louis area. From here, the UPS charge for a bicycle is generally less than $35.00.

2. You'll have to reinstall the handlebar, pedals, seat and front wheel. Brakes and derailleurs may require minor adjustments. If you have average or better mechanical ability, you can do this.

3. I'm going to guess you'll need a 60 or 62cm frame assuming you have normal porportions.

4. I wouldn't bother taking your new bike to a shop for a "fitting." Just ride it and try to figure out what adjustments you need. If you enjoy riding, you'll eventually want to buy a better bike. Use this experience to make you smarter when you buy your next bike.

Good luck
re: Buying used over internet ???'sElefantino
Feb 18, 2002 2:41 PM
When I ship bikes that I have sold over the Net, I remove the wheels, bars/stem and pedals. Those are all easily attached, provided you have some tools. And there is so much information out on the Web to help you fit yourself, you won't need to go to the LBS.

I'm torn between recommending the Bianchi/Kestrel and the 'Dale. You're going to like STI shifting a lot better than downtube shifting and the extra wheelset is an incentive. The Bianchi, though, has a good frame and some good extras that you could keep as you upgrade.

Also, the Trek composite is tempting, depending on the component setup. Provided there are no stress cracks in the carbon, it's a good bike.

As the one who pushes the "buy used" mantra on this board, I'll say this: You done good, kid.

Out of the bikes I listed..fsu_surfer
Feb 18, 2002 4:44 PM
I too was leaning towards the cannondale and the Bianchi w/carbon fork. But was also looking into the Puch because of the $. Im not too familiar with the different levels of components and Im not even sure that I would notice the difference between campys, dura-ace, or even sora. I am really interested into getting into cycling and in the few days I have been to this website I have learned so much from the responses.

If anyone with road bike experience could look over the bikes I listes and give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Trying to ride...