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pedros ice wax(11 posts)

pedros ice waxwcfumc
Feb 18, 2002 7:08 AM
I have been using pedros ice wax for about a month. It is the worst lube I have ever used. Begins squeeking after 60 miles. I have followed the instruction and tried applying a extra heavy coat. Anybody else use the stuff.
re: pedros ice waxVelocipedio
Feb 18, 2002 7:32 AM
Not a big fan. I don't like the way it goes on, and I find the consistency perfectly tuned to the purpose of making me apply too much or too little. Depending on the weather [and the bike], I'll either use White Lighning, Finish Line or Pedros Syn Lube.
Try ProLink!Dog Breath
Feb 18, 2002 8:29 AM
The best chain lube for a road bike is ProLink. Even in the rain I can get 6 hours out of it.

IceWax is good for a quick ride around the park.
2nd ProLink-nmjbrown2036
Feb 18, 2002 9:21 AM
3rd Pro-link! (nm)look271
Feb 18, 2002 7:51 PM
re: pedros ice waxTig
Feb 18, 2002 10:00 AM
Funny, but it works great for me. I've been using it almost a year now and haven't experienced any problems. I use it once every week or two, depending on miles and conditions. I've used several products over the years, and anything that lubes well also attracts some surface grime. Ice Wax is no different, but no worse. I like it better than that runny WhiteLightning stuff.
no staying powergrandemamou
Feb 18, 2002 10:10 AM
I tried it but I had to relube after virtualy every ride. I'm too lazy to do that. I have been using hgnr for about a year. I get about 4-500 mi per application. I haven't found any thing better yet.

I use finish line spray for my shifters and odds and ends that I can't get a bottle into. I find it too messy for the drive train.
re: pedros ice waxmerckx56
Feb 18, 2002 2:36 PM
because it's not a lube! it's wax fer chrissakes. it has no ingredients that actually penetrate the links of the chain. it just gets dirty, balls up and falls off! all the shop lubes are fine, but go to lowe's or home depot and get a big can of "super lube" or something similar with PTFE. i've had the same 11oz. can of the stuff for 10 months and it's still more than half full. it's clean, penetrates and lasts, both in the can and on the chain, forever. $3.49 for 11oz. or $7.99 for something else that you get at a shop that has the same key lubricant(PTFE)!
thanks for the infowcfumc
Feb 18, 2002 2:42 PM
its great for lubing speedplays nmWoof the dog
Feb 18, 2002 8:49 PM
tried it - went back to air tool oil.dzrider
Feb 19, 2002 9:30 AM
$3.99 for 16 ounces and it penetrates well, lasts through a rainy ride, and the excess cleans off easily. Remeber, when the word 'bicycle' is added to a product's name the price doubles.