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merlin(3 posts)

Feb 17, 2002 11:27 PM
I can purchase any bike i want.. i race stage races in so. cali..
and i think i am gonna get a merlin extralight...
(still thinking of the odonata or axiom or legend)

its funny but i thought i would get a serotta or a seven but i have had great experiences with the merlin folks and i think the frames are beautiful. the choice suprised me.
I had a few...PsyDoc
Feb 18, 2002 10:51 AM
...problems with trying to get a new Merlin Extralight. The problems were due to quality control issues and Tom Kellogg swears these issues have been solved. The problems were due to incorrect frame specs, mistapped bottom bracket threads, finish in the seat tube was cut too deep (I guess the finisher got a little too happy with the wire wheel), alignment was off, and the left seat stay was 4-5mm below the right seat stay. These problems were found over the course of three frames: 1 - 2000, and 2 - 2001's. Some people called me nuts for trying to get an Extralight as long as I did, but I had nothing but positive experiences with the other Extralight I owned for 9 years. I ended up getting a Seven Axiom Ti and am very happy.
I had a few...legs
Feb 18, 2002 4:04 PM
oh, i am in hell...
i keep flipping back and forth between seven and merlin...
(by the way i am guessing by your name that you are also a psychologist.. as am i )..

the thing that keeps me on the merlin side is that i like the integrated headset.. the rest of the decision will hopefully be based on some test rides...

tell me about your seven...