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Any Bianchi XL Boron Riders?(10 posts)

Any Bianchi XL Boron Riders?BoXXer
Feb 17, 2002 2:49 PM
Anyone ride an XL Boron steel frame?
I'm interested in getting one and there aren't any reviews on them so I was hoping to get your comments. Good or bad.
re: Any Bianchi XL Boron Riders?BianchiAmber
Feb 17, 2002 3:46 PM
For just a few dollars more I would get the aluminum. Both frames have fracture problems, but the lifetime guarantee covers it. The aluminum is a better climber and acclerates much quicker than the boron.
Bianchi XL Aluminum/Scandiumpgager
Feb 17, 2002 4:28 PM
I second the aluminum advice. XL EV2 is made with scandium to mellow out the alum. ride characteristics and 2001+ models have much beefier welds. I happen to have such a new frameset for sale if you fit a 58 c-c.
Test rode a XL Boron...BenR
Feb 17, 2002 6:25 PM
and it was the stiffest steel bike I've ridden. It was almost as stiff as my Trek carbon frame, but still had the ride quality that high-end steel is famous for. I don't know what the weight is, but it felt light on the road and I don't think it was because of the wheels. The handling was not as quick as I would like, but it was still acceptable for any racing bike. I was also riding a 59 cm frame with too long of a stem (I fit a 56-58) - perhaps that had something to do with it.

I have not tried the EV2/4 and I suggest you do so to compare. Bianchi aluminum has a good reputation for ride quality compared to its competitors. The boron and EV2 share the same geometry, I think. If the aluminum ride quality is acceptable, I would go with the EV2 since it is lighter and supposedly stiffer. The XL boron is pretty expensive for a steel bike. While it is a good steel frame, you can do just as well for less money if you look elsewhwere, like at the Schwinn Peleton for example. The Scwhinn is prettier, cheaper, and carves beautiful corners, but I don't think it is as stiff. Good luck.
Test rode a XL Boron...BoXXer
Feb 17, 2002 7:16 PM
Thanks for the feedback. It's good to hear the Boron frame is still somewhat stiff. I realize that the EV2/4 frames are lighter but I have a passion for steel frames so I'm not too concerned about the weight issue. Ride quality is what I'm after. Regardless of which magical mix of alloys they use, no aluminum bike can replicate the ride quality of a great steel bike.
Mega Pro XLBianchiAmber
Feb 17, 2002 7:59 PM
I would still ride both of them if I were you. The Bianchi aluminum could be the one ride to change your mind. It did mine.
Feb 17, 2002 10:42 PM
Thanks BianchiAmber.
I'll check 'em out.
re: Any Bianchi XL Boron Riders?jswhern
Feb 18, 2002 2:58 AM
My brother is a Bianchi dealer in Virginia and he has been riding XL Boron for eons. He kept trying to get me to buy one but I went with the Al Mega Pro frame. It is purely personal preference. Steel is making a comeback in some parts. I have ridden so many bikes that it is hard to tell anymore. I rode a friend's Pinn. Prince and still would not give up my Bianchi. Ride as many test rides as you can before you make up your mind. Second hand advice is not as trustworthy as your rear end on a saddle and going for a spin. Good luck in your choice.
I was in the same positiongrandemamou
Feb 18, 2002 4:58 AM
a little over a year ago. I really wanted light weight steel. I test rode a Boron. Nice ride light and stiff. I planned on doing some racing and the guy talked me into the AL ev2. I bought it unridden based on the suggestions of a trusted friend. I love it. Not harsh at all and light as a feather. It handles like a go-kart.

Earlier models had cracking problems until late 00 and 01. They were redesigned and I have heard of no problems since. Unless they changed it the warranty is 5 yrs not lifetime.

I talked to a few guys who have the Boron and they were all happy with it. Best guess it's a toss up. I don't think you would be disappointed either way.
2001 Boron owner hereAaronL
Feb 18, 2002 9:11 AM
I've had mine for a year now, and I've ridden everything but ti, and i can say it's the best bike I've had in my nearly 20 years of racing/riding. If the bike fits you well, you can't go wrong. The cracking problems were with the seatube/bb weld with the alu bikes and Bianchi is now using foam injection there, the boron has that too.

It's easily as stiff in the bb as my Specialized M2 but still has the supple ride of steel.

Don't let the weight weenies tell you to go with alu because it's lighter. I race on mine and I can tell you with 100% confidence that my bike is not the limiting factor in my race results. It's that darn fitness issues. :)

Bottom line is it's a great frame that I recomend you try.

Oh, one last thing. Mine came wiht the Bianchi All carbon fork. For riders below 150 I think it would be okay. But if you weigh much more than that, you'll find it a bit too soft. I put on a Time Millenium and it was a perfect match.