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Question for Kysrium owners/experts.(12 posts)

Question for Kysrium owners/experts.JustAguy
Feb 16, 2002 2:56 PM
How do you mount your wheel magnet for your computer? Is there anywhere that sells one?
re: Question for Kysrium owners/experts.weiwentg
Feb 16, 2002 3:12 PM
my friend has the Ksyriums had to get a magnet from Mavic. you probably should ask the LBS about ordering it.
re: Question for Kysrium owners/experts.insmanblue
Feb 16, 2002 4:27 PM
Go down to your local Radio Shack and buy Earth Magnets. These small magnets are super powerful. They fit perfectly on the wide spokes on the K's with super glue. I had them on my K's for about 1500 miles without any problems. Two for $1.98.
that's a cool idea... here's what I did...geof
Feb 16, 2002 4:42 PM
I used a regular spoke mag that I drilled out to fit slightly smaller than the upper dia of the spoke, then placed the metal clamp over and compressed it a bit with pliers... Works like a champ...
re: Question for Kysrium owners/experts.jswhern
Feb 16, 2002 5:17 PM
Bikes Unlimited, Williamsburg, Va, (757)229-4620
Tell them Wayde sent you.
re: Question for Kysrium owners/experts.Cherry1
Feb 16, 2002 8:02 PM
Order the magnet from
re: Question for Kysrium owners/experts.VW
Feb 16, 2002 8:13 PM sells Kysrium specific spoke magnet. Look under "wheels - mavic" on the left menu. Unfortunately, they are out ... they expect to have them in two weeks though. Might want to browse around the website and buy some other stuff (like extra bladed spokes, Sidi Genius shoes, etc ...) to make the shipping cost worth it!

Cat Eye makes one that will fitjs
Feb 16, 2002 8:45 PM
use regular magnetSub
Feb 16, 2002 9:23 PM
had same problem, eventually just grabbed regular cateye magnet and instead of tightening between two spokes, just clamped the middle down on one, works perfectly.

Cat Eye makes one that will fitVW
Feb 17, 2002 9:27 PM
Yes, I have the cateye altimeter. The cateye magnet clamps on to two spokes. I had it clamped on two spokes real close to the hub (of the Ksyrium wheel), and found it to fit really well and secured.

I have the Mavic, works great and less than $10 at LBS(NM)James
Feb 17, 2002 12:35 AM
Cateye cadence magnet ziptied around spoketuffnick
Feb 17, 2002 9:08 AM
Meh it works... I've been to lazy to put something more attractive on there. Maybe that'll be my project for todays rest day :)