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Visions of Dave Stohler....(9 posts)

Visions of Dave Stohler....Lone Gunman
Feb 15, 2002 5:57 PM
I felt like that character the last few days. I recovered a bike that I had purchased in 1978 before I went to college. It supposedly had a fork that would break without warning that I found out about last week. Last summer I had donated the bike to a youth charity that would fix it up and ride it but it needed alot of work. Anyhow I contacted the charity about the bike and as luck would have it, the bike was sitting in the same building where I had dropped it off and the Programs Director said I could come get it as I was truly concerned that someone would be riding it and get seriously hurt if it had the bad fork.

The love affair with that old bike started all over again. I stripped all the original parts off the frame and the paint looks pretty good for being 24 years old. The fork is not the breakaway type. I cleaned and burnished all the old aluminum parts, lubed and put them back together, took stock of what it would take to make the bike 100% vs. just getting it on the road. Saw some pictures of 70's era road bikes in the TDF in action and decided to try and keep the bike as close to original as possible with a few exceptions.

Now I just have to decide how far I will take this, total restore paint job or can I just get it touched up. The paint job alone will be more than what I paid for the bike in '78. Has some rust in a few spots and scuffs here and there. Good thing is I have all the major original parts except the wheels and I have a set of hubs for it but finding 27" 32 hole rims might be tough. I have poured over many restoration sites and have come close but may need to buy a new wheelset from Sheldon Brown.

Kind of comical that only people on this board would understand this tale of recovery.
the only way to do itjs
Feb 15, 2002 6:07 PM
is to do it all- clips & straps, dettos, hairnet, wool jersey and shorts, pigskin/crochet gloves, no sunglasses, etc.
Feb 15, 2002 6:54 PM
who needs them anyways ;-)
re: Visions of Dave Stohler....guido
Feb 15, 2002 8:18 PM
Wear steel rimmed Aviator sunglasses!

Wonder if Sheldon Brown has any of those adapter plates that lower the brake bolts to accomodate a 27" brake bridge to 700C rims? There are a few nice box section rims currently available that would be faithful to the look, and more tire choices. Can't wait to see a pix of it.

Excuse my naivete, but who is Dave Stohler?
re: Visions of Dave Stohler....JuniorRacerFL
Feb 16, 2002 1:01 AM
Dave stoller is the dood in the movie "Breaking Away" he rides he bike against the italians and stuff and they dirty him up.
Already been down that road...Lone Gunman
Feb 16, 2002 5:34 AM
Around 1988 or so I began riding the bike again and wanted to go "mach 2 with my hair on fire". The LBS had a Wolber anodized wheelset, 700mm with Shimano 600 hubs that were 126mm wide. My frame had Shimano center pull brakes and they were adaptable to the 700 wheels, but they looked funny because of the clearance room in the forks. Believe it or not tires are not a problem in 27", plenty of sites for them, even Nashbar has them. I still have the 600 hubs, 32 hole, but no 27" 32 hole rims to lace them to. I am getting a sneaking suspicion that 36 spokes was the standard for 27" wheels and with the domination of 700mm wheels, spoke count went to 32 hole.
Rhetorical question.Elefantino
Feb 15, 2002 10:35 PM
You KNOW you're going all the way. You HAVE to. The bug has you and won't let go.

Remember the "should I buy a new bike and not tell the wife" thread a few months back? Remember what I did? I had the bug, too. And my question was also rhetorical.

You will restore the bike completely. You will spend lots of money on it. You will be happy.

BUT!!!!!!! You neglected to tell us what KIND of bike this 24-year-old hussy is. If it's a Masi, well, you know.

Refund! REFUND!!!

Viscount SebringLone Gunman
Feb 16, 2002 6:23 AM
Viscount used to be Lambert and there are articles @ Sheldon Brown and Classic Rendevouz sites. My bike is a steel lugged frame with a cromoly fork cromed blades about half way down and painted dark Ruby red. Decals are faded and look cheesy anyway so I may have some art work done for decals.

I have a feeling that my bike was in one of the last production runs if I compare it to history accounts. Japanese parts were used towards the end of it's era when Yamaha got involved with the company.

Some tidbits; I believe they only made one frameset and spect'd higher grade parts at the various pricepoints. My bike had Shimano 60/600 F&R derailers, DT shifters, and centerpull brakes, SR Apex crank and stem, no name wheels/seat/post/headset/bar, which I have. Got a set of toeclips and straps that are not original. I think this setup was middle of the road, the next model up had aluminum wheels and was an outrageous $229.

I will most likely do the full restore for yucks and upgrade parts that need it like a saddle and post and handlebar. Have the original brakelevers but they were the cheap dual hands on bartop type, I have a set of 105 aero type, hides the big looping cable which I never liked.

Lets see, New bike $2000, set of Ksyrium wheels $500, recapturing a piece of my past...priceless.
3 cheers and a pint for the LBS!!!Lone Gunman
Feb 16, 2002 2:08 PM
Went out to the LBS today to have the bb and headset cups removed from the Viscount. LBS found me a set of clips for brake housing, a set of slightly used handlbars for $10 and 27" Richey 32 hole rims so now I can put the 600 hubs on the Viscount!! They were fast wheels before and will be a great finishing touch.

Almost forgot, the frame and fork come in at a whopping 7 lbs.