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Buying Bikes and Bike Stuff On Ebay(10 posts)

Buying Bikes and Bike Stuff On EbayCherry1
Feb 15, 2002 4:45 AM
Please post positive or negative stories.
re: Buying Bikes and Bike Stuff On Ebayweiwentg
Feb 15, 2002 4:50 AM
I scored a great deal on a TCR 0 frame.
in my case, the seller stated his number in the auction, so we were able to establish rapport and trust. if you intend to buy a bike, contact the seller and reqests telephone contact.
basically, all my bike-related ebay experiences have been good. I have this theory that cyclists rarely screw one another.
re: Buying Bikes and Bike Stuff On Ebaybadabill
Feb 15, 2002 7:41 AM
Bought and sold many items. For the most part all good deals. Bought a set of cross wheels that the rims where so bad had to replace them, but got such a good deal on them that it still turned out OK. Have sold frames and complete bikes with no problems. just watch shipping on oversized items.
One good, one mediocre, one badMcAndrus
Feb 15, 2002 5:10 AM
I bought a Giant CFR frame on auction and it has been the bicycle buy of my life. It was a risk since Giant apparently only sold them in Europe and the seller had picked up four frames from somewhere. (Giant no longer sells this model.) This is my second season on the frame and the more I ride it, the more I like it. That's the good.

I also bought a pair of Chorus shifters, used. They arrived a little beaten and abused from wear but I expected that. What shocked me was that the shifting mechanism in the right-hand lever was jammed solid. I contacted the seller and he offered to take them back if I couldn't get it to work. I let the whole shifter soak in oil overnight. The next morning I coaxed it into motion (and almost broke my thumb). Since I got it moving it has worked flawlessly and I am very happy with it. That's the mediocre.

The bad is a Veloce rear derailleur. I picked it up for a very good price and you get what you pay for. It is completely worn out and now sits in a box on the shelf.
Time ATACs $69, Eggbeaters $75....js
Feb 15, 2002 5:56 AM
old hairnets, wool jerseys, etc. Bought and sold lots of stuff, no problems.
re: Buying Bikes and Bike Stuff On EbayElefantino
Feb 15, 2002 6:12 AM
I sell and buy with regularity, and have never had a bad experience. You have to ask the right questions before you bid. The outcome of the transaction is really up to you. Caveat emptor

Mostly good.ohio
Feb 15, 2002 9:49 AM
Just don't get lazy, and never assume anything. As mentioned above, for the most part bikers don't screw other bikers. But bikers that need money can fudge (or omit) the facts a little bit. So ask ask ask. If they don't answer, you probably don't want it.

Also, if the seller is local I try to pick it up in person.

My only bad experience was I recieved a part that wasn't new, when I was told "NEW." It also happened to be english threaded, when promised "italian." It took some emailing and about 2 months but finally I sent it back and got a refund. Worst case scenario I would have been out $15 on a BB I could probably turn around and sell for $15.

Other than that, I've had great luck. Frames, forks, wheels, you name it.
Informed Buyers Can Do Very Welljtolleson
Feb 15, 2002 10:04 AM
If you already know the true price range of the item and are well informed (and willing to walk away) you can do very well indeed.

For new stuff, several vendors sell new-in-package-with-warranty items. That's where I got my Giro Pneumo, Profile CarbonStryke aerobars, Easton CF seatpost and EC90 carbon bars ... all off eBay, all brand new, all about 30% off retail (and about 20% off the best prices I could find on the 'net).

I helped my bro-in-law road bike shop,and we got a Daytona-equipped Sampson Kalispell in his size for $800.

Main things are walking away when something doesn't "smell right," not getting into a hardcore bidding war, and keeping an eye on seller ratings.

I'm basically an eBay fan.
Good onesType1
Feb 15, 2002 12:24 PM
I have been fortunate. In fact, I just bought some new, in-the-box SIDIs for 35% less than I could find anywhere. I have also had luck with a few jerseys.
I bought a used Zurich from a guy, and I was a little nervous about the transaction. Fortunately, the guy lived about an hour from my house so we met someplace and I was able to take the bike for a spin, check it out and take it home that day (saved a bundle on the shipping!)This kid worked in a bike shop and had tons of stuff to sell--how he got it I didn't ask!

I'll admit there are occasionally some things listed that seem unbelievably cheap from people without much feedback history, but I have never dared to bid on those.
Happy hunting!
my one experience was positiveDaveG
Feb 15, 2002 5:03 PM
Most of the time, stuff seems to go on Ebay for way more than its worth. However, right after the holidays I've noticed many good deals and/or items not even being bid on. I picked up a new Torelli frameset for $200 last month. Came away with a new appreciation for Ebay. Only issue was breaking it to my wife.