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Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello Opera(9 posts)

Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello OperaMBennett
Feb 14, 2002 8:05 PM
Money not being an issue, does anyone have any opinions on these two bikes and specifically how each would ride compared with each other - stiffness, comfort, handling. I am looking for a bike which can be used both for training and club races. I know the Prince is lighter and probably stiffer, but how would the ride compare with the Opera, would it be too harsh like your typical aluminum frame or is it an acceptable combined training and racing steed?
From the pinarello sales rep...spookyload
Feb 14, 2002 9:02 PM
I am not him, but a friend asked him the same question when he bought his and was told by the rep that if you couldn't afford to replace it every few years, buy the opera. The durablility of the opera is much greater since it is steel. My friend bought the prince anyways, and he loves it. Bottom line is simple, steel is more comfortable, aluminum is lighter and stiffer.
From the pinarello sales rep...Klecko Won
Feb 15, 2002 3:39 AM
The dedacciai steel tubing used to build the Opera is drawn to such razor thin wall thicknesses that I highly doubt it is appreciably more durable than the Prince in the long run. The tubes look like they can be dented very, very easily and in the event of a crash, I doubt you could just bend it back into shape and have your local welder weld it like a typical steel frame. It's EOM 16.5 which is very, very hard to work with and weld without burning through. Pinarello could fix it, but you'd be looking at 4-6 months downtime in that event.

That being said, most of the guys who race near me who use Pinarellos prefer the aluminum Galileo for racing because it is a far cheaper frame dollarwise and in their eyes easier on the wallet when used as a disposable racing frame and what racing frames are not disposable if you are really racing. For racing they consider the Opera to be disposable also, albeit at a higher cost because of its very thin walled tubing.

As far as ride comparison is concerned that's a tough one, both bikes have a carbon fork and both have carbon seatstays, however the fork and seatstays on the Prince are far more built up in diameter and wall thickness versus the Opera and this may in fact possibly make the Prince ride with less road buzz than the Opera even though it is aluminum against steel. Vertical compliance plays almost no role at all in eliminating high frequency road buzz. What it does do is smooth out those failry large bumps which you do go over. But unless you are riding on roads that are cobblestone the most annoying vibrations you will encounter 99% of the time is high frequency, very small road buzz. Aluminum resonates far more than steel so it will transmit this buzz to a far greater extent.

That being said, frame material and its resonating characteristics has almost zero impact on front end buzz and vibration felt by the rider, this front end buzz is almost all a result of wheel choice tires choice and setup, and fork choice and bar and stem choice. Rear end buzz is mostly affected by the wheel choice, tire choice and setup and the resonating characteristics of the seatstays and seatube since that is the most direct path to the saddle. Because the Prince has substantially more built up seatstays than the Opera, it may even ride smoother with less road buzz than the Opera, at least in theory. Whether this is true only you can find out for yourself by riding both. I have ridden a Prince and I can tell you it does not ride at all like any other aluminum bike I have ever tried. It is very good at eliminating annoying road buzz, as good as several of my old school steel bikes and in some cases better.
what about the Paris?pedaler98
Feb 15, 2002 5:06 AM
re: Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello OperaRayBan
Feb 15, 2002 7:41 AM
I own an Opera. I've ridden every frame material and I always wanted to get a steel bike that suited my weight and riding style. I finally found it in the Opera. The thing I really like about it is that it is as light as an aluminum frame, and it is comfortable too. The other steel bikes I've ridden were nice but were missing something because I never felt that magical ride quality people talk about. The Operas tubing suits me great! The Princes are ridden by the pros sponsored by Pinarello so I'm sure they ride well (especially with the carbon fork and rear triangle). The Prince looks a bit more heavy duty...
re: Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello OperaDoctorNurse
Feb 15, 2002 9:34 AM
Appreciate your enthusiastic review, given that I am also eyeing an Opera, but could you tell me your hieght/weight, and how you set your Opera up in terms of wheels, stem, seatpost etc? Seems to me that the Opera would not besuited for everyone, given the thin walled tubing mentioned earlier, and that your component selections directly affect the "magical" ride quality your quite rightly rave about...FWIW I am 6'1" and weigh about 165lbs...

re: Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello Operamuscle man
Feb 15, 2002 9:56 AM
You need to eat some beef, man.
re: Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello OperaToro
Feb 15, 2002 11:20 AM
Nah, he's probably just not a testosterone laden overweight shit like you. LOL
re: Pinarello Prince vs. Pinarello OperaRon L.
Feb 15, 2002 11:34 AM
I'm currently riding both the Opera and Prince. I was riding the Paris as well and sold it about three weeks ago. Because I was looking for the answers to the same questions; I built them all the same with 10speed ReCord same bar and stem etc. The three bikes felt different and had there high and low points.

The Prince is quick on the flats and short hills, it'a good sprinter if and only if the rode is smooth. Because the frame has little to no give, keeping it glued to a
rough surface dose not come natural. It's not a overly stiff frame, but more like firm and ready to race. After 65 to 70 miles I'm ready to get off.

The Paris and the Opera have simular ride qualities. Both required LESS EFFORT than the Prince on longer climbs. The Opera is not as responsive as the Paris (aluminum and steel thingee). If you stop pedaling the Paris slowed a bit quicker than the Opera. Both the Paris and Opera are long on looks. The Paris has/had (had: the Paris was droped and the Marvel was added) the coolest looking red. It's hard to pick between the Opera and the Paris, both are really good frames. Wit all that said, there is something to be said for a well made steel frame.

I've sold more Operas than Prince and Paris together.

Most people here don't keep there frames very long. We ride year round and it's common for us to get new frames every year or so and some even less. Besides, who wants to be riding the same frame for five years??
Gets a bit old.