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Litespeed paint?(4 posts)

Litespeed paint?skiahh
Feb 14, 2002 3:30 PM
How is the paint quality on the factory painted Litespeed frames? I like the brushed Ti look, but was wondering how the paint holds up over time and miles. I know it adds weight and all, but for the moment, I'm just wondering about the quality and durability of their paint. Anyone? Thanks.
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re: Litespeed paint?jtolleson
Feb 14, 2002 3:38 PM
Litespeed's paint has a very good reputation. Frankly, the paint of most American frame builders has a better rep than that of their overseas competitors... I don't know why.

I would not hesitate to buy a painted LS.
re: Litespeed paint?Keith Vorbet
Feb 14, 2002 4:00 PM
Litespeed's paints are known to be of a very good quality. They wet paint their frames as opposed to powder coating because according to them the wet paint adheres to the titanium better than powder coating. What's nice about getting your Litespeed painted is that they clearcoat over the Litespeed decals so there is no issue of peeling decals as is notorious with many unpainted Ti frames from different manufacturers. It also looks good and since they don't paint the chainstays which is the most likely area to show paint chips you get the best of both worlds, nice looking paint and few chips.

As far as weight is concerned, painting the frame will probably add about 2-3 ounces to your frame weight which should pretty much be a non issue unless you race professionally and even the pro's who ride Litespeeds usually have them painted in their teams colors so if it's not an issue with them, why would it be an issue with anyone on this board??
re: Litespeed paint?Fila Hebe
Feb 14, 2002 6:49 PM
Litespeed is using PPG paint, which happens to be the same paint that is used by Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin and all the other brands they mention on the web-site. PPG is one of the largest paint companies in the world. They are as big or bigger than DUPONT. I think Litespeed frames look better painted than brushed.