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Any feedback on Schwinn Fastback?(2 posts)

Any feedback on Schwinn Fastback?bikedweeb
Feb 14, 2002 1:40 PM
I have the opportunity of picking up a Schwinn Fastback frame at a great price ($250 brand new.)I know nothing about this bike. Never considered a compact or aluminum frame before, but if it turns out to be a great ride, I'd kick myself for passing it up. Anyone out there ride one or know anything about them?
re: Any feedback on Schwinn Fastback?tempeteKerouak
Feb 14, 2002 2:18 PM
Never ridden one but it looks a lot like my Giant TCR frame. (which is very lightweight aluminium compact geometry). It's a claimed 2.2 pound frame.

What can I say! I see all these deals on those Fastback (frame and complete) and I think it's the deal of the year. But then, what are you looking for? A training bike, a specific crit racing bike, a comfy long distance bike... Generally, even if people will have a lot to say on this, a lightweight alu racing bike is not recommended for a heavy rider looking for durability. Still there are 200pounds cyclists riding Cannondales and Giants and such without problems...

I'm 172 pounds (and going down and down and down like an anorexic teen on ephedra!!!) and a hair over to 5'10. I ride a medium frame (which is a 50 cm sloping with a long seatpost).

I'm pretty sure these bikes are as able to win the TdeF, just like a Specialized or a Giant... Depends on who's on it.