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Need Help! Sidi Genius 4 + Speedplay x-2 = foot pain(1 post)

Need Help! Sidi Genius 4 + Speedplay x-2 = foot painWaterboy
Feb 14, 2002 8:10 AM
I just purchased Sidi Genius 4 shoes and Speedplay x-2 pedals. I have never had any kind of foot or knee pain using toe-clips or flat pedals. Upon receiving new bike while waiting for new shoes to arrive I rode 140 miles over the course of 4 days with flat pedals, no pain at all.

Upon receiving new shoes and installing x-2's, at LBS where I had been fitted on a size cycle, cleats were adjusted so that ball of foot is over center of pedal spindle. Left foot feels perfect.

Right foot is another story. After approximately 2 miles into first ride with new shoes my right foot started to ache on the outside, basically behind ball of foot where bone is located, slightly behind center of right side of foot. Adjusted straps to make sure shoe wasn't to tight with no avail. After about 15 miles right knee started hurting just below knee cap and to the right in hollow area. Pain was very noticable but also bearable. Rode for 27 miles, pain very obvious in foot and knee.

Before next ride I slide right cleat all the way to left toward crank to move foot to the right, to center shoe more over the center of the pedal. I could not tell this helped any. Noticed knee and foot pain immediately when starting to ride, rode 20 and before completion right shin started to burn.

My right foot may be slightly larger than left, but I don't think I could wear a larger size shoe. I wear a 13 in adidias running shoes and a 47 in the Genius 4.

I called fit technician and he suggested I move cleat to inside, which as I stated I had already done. He then suggested I try moving cleat to the rear to slide foot further forward. I made adjustement but due to incliment weather have not ridden again.

Is this type of problem common with others, and is there a simple solution which I may have overlooked? If others could help me resolve this delima it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Waterboy