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Would You Participate??(5 posts)

Would You Participate??JBergland
Feb 14, 2002 6:15 AM
The following is something that I am working on for my cycling club. We are hoping to get more people trying different things in regards to cycling. What do you think? Too 'race' heavy for the average rider? What are some other events that might not be as 'race' oriented? Does this seem like it would be 'fun'? Any and all suggestions are more than welcome... please tell me what you think if this was a club YOU belonged to!!

'Road Dirt' Challenge, 2002

The sport of cycling has many different aspects to it. That is what makes it fun, interesting, and exciting to SO MANY people!! Some of us like to race. Some of us like NOT to race. Others like touring/riding at a more leisurely pace. Some just like to hang out and BS with others before, during, and after group rides. It is with all these perspectives in mind that the Road Dirt Challenge is issued to all Silver Cyclists (and anyone else that would like to participate)!!

The Road Dirt Challenge will consist of 7 specific events throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2002 (an exact schedule will be provided right after the MCF calendar is finalized). The events will be a Road Race, a Crit., a Time Trial, a Cycle-Cross Race, a Mountain Bike Race, a Century, and a Double Century. All events will be in and around the southern Metro area. The 'challenge' to Silver Cyclists is to participate in as many of these events as possible... specifically if it's an event you are not good at or would like to become more comfortable with.

The mission/goals of the Road Dirt Challenge is as follows:
*Promote the sport of cycling in as many ways as possible.
*Encourage Silver Cyclists to try something 'new'... get out of your comfort zone!!
*Emphasize is on participation, FUN, and encouragement of others... NOT competition!!
*Increase knowledge/experience in specific areas (e.g. different types of racing, touring, etc.).
*Have Silver Cyclists represent themselves as a 'team'... good opportunities to show our colors TOGETHER!!

A calendar will be distributed as soon as some details are finalized by MCF. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know about them!! I'm looking forward to a GREAT year of cycling... hope you are too!!

Tentative Dates & Events:
April 28th, Ironman Century
May 25th, Sibley County Road Race
June 25th, Dakota County Crit.
July 25th, Buck Hill Mountain Bike Race
August 28th, Black Dog Time Trail
if they don't like to racehuh
Feb 14, 2002 6:53 AM
why would they participate in FIVE races? You gotta motivate them somehow.....
I guess it depends upon...Lone Gunman
Feb 14, 2002 7:13 AM
the makeup of the club; The 2 dominant local clubs in my area are a stark contrast to each other. Club Y has weekly rides scheduled and everyone is gung ho and attendance for the rides is good (600 membership-possible less than 100 serious active riders) in the early part of the season. Then it gets into early summer and attendance starts to drop off to the point that less than 5 riders are showing up for the scheduled rides. This club has a "no one get's dropped policy" and there is a designated broom rider to stick with the stragglers. They have 2 scheduled "events" per year; spring 50 and fall century. It is a very social club.

Club P schedules rides and when you arrive (on time) you are handd a cue sheet with map and told to have fun, this is the pace we are riding today and off they go, you either stick with the pace or you get dropped. (1000+members, large metro area)

Club Y is not an aggressive lot, Club P is more serious about their rides.

I could see your challenge having positive reception with Club P. I think the challenge you present and participation depends on the makeup of the majority of the riders, serious aggressive or social passive. I think your proposal is racer heavy oriented. 4 or 5 of the events are races, 2 additional events are serious challenges that are geared towards serious riders.
re: Would You Participate??RayBan
Feb 14, 2002 8:03 AM
Personally I think thats quite a schedule/project you put together. BUT I think it's geared toward racers. I don't see a lot of NON racers interested in that.
something I've done for a club I belong to is mid summer (when everyone is in shape) I ran a short (1-3mile time trial) for members only. The winner gets a prize (bike bag, light etc) It promoted testing yourself against the clock and if your so inclined testing your fitness against the other members of the club. I got some great participation with a WIDE variety of cyclists.
Oh yeah, I would participate in most of the events you listed FWIW....
Feb 14, 2002 9:16 AM
are you going to encourage cyclists to try something new. All of these types of rides already exist and are not new. I am afraid the road crowd will show up for the road events, the cross crowd for the cross events, etc..

Thank you for promoting cycling just the same.