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chain skipping revisited(4 posts)

chain skipping revisitedcycle_one
Feb 13, 2002 6:21 PM
a couple of weeks ago i asked you guys why my chain was skipping when i mashed hard or stand. i had just replaced the chain before this started happening. there were two suggestions - cable tension adjustment or replace freewheel. to settle the argument, i had a more mechanically inclined cyclist friend adjust the cable and make sure the rear derailleur was adjusted properly - still didn't work. i just replaced the freewheel and the problem is gone. just thought i give an update.
Another success brought to you by RBR!guido
Feb 13, 2002 9:17 PM
This site has a large group of very intelligent, generous, helpful participants, who always come through! I've been surfing around, and this is the least pretentious, most responsive cycling forum I've found. Kudos to Gregg, for making this site so easy to use, and to all of you who always, without fail, come up with the solution, or options, to any problem posted. Print media could never do this.
re: chain skipping revisitedflybyvine
Feb 13, 2002 11:01 PM
I experienced the same thing when building up a new bike & running old wheels. The old cassette only had around 2000km's on it & I didn't think it could be the culprit. I thought it could be overall chain tension & the LBS suggested that I take another link out of the chain. Instead I tightened up the derailleur spring & presto - no more skipping in sprints.

Just another idea.
re: chain skipping revisitedLW
Feb 14, 2002 1:44 PM
Also check the barrel adjuster - I had major skippage when I took my bike to France last year. Turns out the barrell adjuster was bent by those airline gorillas. No amount of gear adjustments would make the skip go away.
When you say you replaced the freewheel, you mean the cassette? Old cassette + new chain can be bad.