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130 stem. Does a long stem affect handling, ect.(5 posts)

130 stem. Does a long stem affect handling,
Feb 13, 2002 5:34 PM
Currently I have a 110 stem which is perfect for the aero bars but feels a bit short when on the bars. Does each cm 110 vs 120 vs 130 make a big difference? Also, with the 110 I sometimes feel like too much weight is on the bars, is this normal and will the longer stem stretch me out and even out the weight distribution. Any other comments on how the stem affects handling ect would be appreciated
re: 130 stem. Does a long stem affect handling, ect.Rusty Coggs
Feb 13, 2002 6:31 PM
If the 110 is right for your setup,the 130 could be too long.No way to know what is right for your situation.A cm or 2 can make alot of differenct. I did alot of expermenting with cheap stems to find what worked best.There is usually a cm or 2 allowance either way from what came on the bike without causing undue problems.Bar height,bar reach and lever position on the hoods has an effect on comfort too.A situation where everyone has to find their own way.
re: 130 stem. Does a long stem affect handling, ect.DINOSAUR
Feb 13, 2002 6:44 PM
I just went through the same odeal, but in the opposite direction. I was using a 125mm (odd ball size) and I felt like I was a little too stretched out, especially on long rides. I changed to a 110. The longer stem put more weight aft and the 110 makes me feel more balanced. At first it felt as if I was too far foward, then I tilted my saddle back just a tad (before it was perfectly level). I really liked the change at first but it's difficult getting used to riding in a different position. They say the rule-of-the-thumb, ball-park-figure, is when your hands are on the hoods, or you are in the drops, and look down, your front hub should be obscured by your handlebars. Some say this method doesn't hold water as it has to do with your fork rake and ht geometry, along with your own anatomy, but that's where I am now. I wouldn't go to a 130, 20mm is a big change. I'd try the 120 and give it a try. Before you switch stems note the angle of your handlebars, it makes it easy to dial your bike back in again.

Stems can get pricey, I bought something that was fairly reasonable and if it works I'll upgrade to something a little better.....

As a sidenote: My bike is two sizes too big for me for starters, so in essence what I did was shorten my tt...

A longer stem will take weight off of your bars and move you back. The secret is to find the perfect balance...
re: 130 stem. Does a long stem affect handling, ect.RayBan
Feb 14, 2002 6:27 AM
Surf, the one thing I notice when going to a longer stem is the steering slows down.
What it did for me was...PT
Feb 14, 2002 8:49 AM
...mostly change the way the bike handled when I was out of the saddle. I didn't feel too different in my position when riding in the saddle, but out of the saddle efforts were quite different. The 130 seemed to put my weight too far forward and the front wheel would "dive" left or right when chugging up a hill or trying to sprint (feeble though my sprint may be...). When I moved to the 120, the bike behaved much better when I was standing -- the "diving" sensation was completely gone -- all for a cm of reach...