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On Shimano 105 Shifters......(5 posts)

On Shimano 105 Shifters......Bike Bum
Feb 12, 2002 8:03 PM
I'm new to road biking and had just bought me a 2001 Specialized Allez Elite a month and a half ago (like the bike). I was on my first multi-day ride a couple of weeks ago, on day one, 5 miles into the ride I cracked a bolt on a cleat while clipped in, couldn't get out and down I went.
I got the cleat fixed by the support dude in the swag wagon...(gotta' luv it...I could get use to that). My problem is that the 105 shifter took some of the impact when I hit the ground and the cone at the top of the shifter that looks like the chrome bullets on a 1950s cadillac Front bumper, rattles. The LBS said that is typical of Shimano and he couldn't do anything about it (he took this moment to say that campy shifter don't have this problem). Question is, do I have to live with this rattle forever or is there something I can do?
re: On Shimano 105 Shifters......DWridesGT
Feb 12, 2002 11:44 PM
go to and you'll find a link that gives directions on fixing this problem.
re: On Shimano 105 rider
Feb 13, 2002 3:21 AM
Unless someone tells you if their a way to replace your lever you can only do one of two things.

Buy a new 105 shifter or live with the rattle. I assume the lever still shifts ok. You may have damage it and won't know how it will shift until you get more miles on the bike.

I know campy shifter have replacement parts, but the great god Shimono makes you replace the whole shifter. That's why alot of people don't want to buy Durace shifters.

Hope you get some better feedback on this forum. This is the option I know.
re: On Shimano 105 Shifters......Chen2
Feb 13, 2002 7:22 AM
Besides Mike's fix at chainreaction another way to fix the rattle is to cut some small peices of double-back foam sticky tape and slide those behind the rattling cap. I under stand that Shimano has cured this problem with the new Ultegra shifters, don't know about 105's.
re: On Shimano 105 Shifters......Slm
Feb 13, 2002 9:28 AM
I would not let that mechanic work on my bikes. There are well published repairs to fix this rattle (which also happens on the 97-2000 Ultegra levers).

I have used some clear plastic tape on top of the nose-cone (you can only see it when the brake levers are squeezed, even then it's nearly invisible). No more rattle.