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Adidas Road Shoes(3 posts)

Adidas Road ShoesJL
Feb 12, 2002 7:24 AM
Anyone like/dislike the Adidas Road shoes. I've seen some deals lately online.

Do they run wide/narrow, short/long for their given US size?

If anyone has any info. I'd appreciate it as there are no reviews for any of their shoes.


re: Adidas Road Shoesfl_cyclist
Feb 12, 2002 7:57 AM
I like the Adidas shoes - very comfortable. My forefoot is kind of wide, but the rest of my fit is normal, so a specific wide shoe was too much. I switched to these from Nike shoes, which were torture devices. I forget which model I have but it has a 3 strap closure which offers a wide range of adjustment. Has a carbon sole and I paid $60 online.

Good luck,
Okay for the moneyPaul
Feb 12, 2002 8:37 AM
I bought a pair from Supergo for 60.00. They were advertised as the ones used by Telecom in the 99 tour. My pair is heavy due to the thick sole, but stiff. The size runs true as advertised, and (I have narrow feet), seems to be wide enough for the normal foot as I pull the straps tight. One problem is that there is no toe protection, and when you push off, you'll tear up the toe covering. I super glued a small piece of leather over the area, and it works. Shimano has a better design in this area.

For the money Performance is advertising them, they are a decent buy.