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Kestrel Talon opinions(5 posts)

Kestrel Talon opinionsnazgul
Feb 11, 2002 10:26 PM
Looking for opinions on the Kestrel Talon. Couldn't find many reviews, probably since it is a relatively new design.
How does it compare to the 200-SCI (besides the aero tubing)? This would be my second bike, have been riding a Raleigh R600 for a while now. I'm 6.0, 160 lbs and aluminum seems to beat me up on longer rides.
Thanks a lot!
Don't like themPaul
Feb 12, 2002 3:57 AM
I don't like them, they are made cheaply which reflects their low price. For ex., the rear seat stays are nothing more then the fork re-shaped with a large gap at the top. The bike is heavy, and doesn't reflect the other Kestrel models that are results of good craftmanship. It has internal cable routing, and I don't think it has guides for the cable. Something worth checking out. A rider in the club has one, and after looking it over, it jiust doesn't match up in my opinion to their other models. Again, just my view. As the adage states,`"you get what you pay for".

I went from a Cannondale to a Look kg 386, and just love the ride. I'm 5' 11', 160 lbs. I've had C-Dales for years, and when I get back on it after riding the Look for several days, it's a big difference. There's some good deals out their on carbon bikes, check out for sales.

Me neitherpmf1
Feb 12, 2002 5:03 AM
I was at Performance Sunday and noticed they were selling them. I took it off the rack and it sure did seem heavy (and ugly). For $600 more, you could get the 200 Sci with the same components. Whatever carbon bike you get will likely be much more comfortable than the bike you have (personally I like carbon bikes the best). As Paul mentions, there are deals on Look bikes all over the place.
Me neithernazgul
Feb 12, 2002 6:23 PM
Thanks for the input.
When you say the bike is heavy, do you mean the whole bike or the frame? According to Kestrel the frame is 3.2 lbs, same as the 200SCI.
re: Kestrel Talon opinionsLC
Feb 12, 2002 9:12 AM
My bud has one, and I get to ride it quite a bit. He is willing to let me ride it if I let him ride my Look KG386 or my Cannondale CAAD3, but if i am riding one of my other cheap steel bikes then I just get to admire it from a far. He has the black/nude carbon fiber and I think it looks pretty sharp. It certainly gets the attention of people as I could be standing right next to him with my Look which costs nearly twice as much and people come up and admire his bike. The rear triangle is very strong and makes for a very responsive hill climber and sprinter, but still has the good damping quality of carbon fiber. It feels just as responsive as the Cannondale without all the vibration, but not quite as damped as the Look. I think it is pretty good deal.