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Lowest price for POLAR HRM'S guaranteed...............(3 posts)

Lowest price for POLAR HRM'S guaranteed...............turtlemoye
Feb 11, 2002 4:44 PM
I recently ordered a Polar S710 from for $225.00 + an order of thier enery bars (I really liked the peanut butter ones).

They have the lowest prices for Polar products inculding the IR interface and cadence kits for $10 less than everyone else.

You get a better deal if you buy a box of their energy bars which you practically get for free. My S710, candence kit, IR interface, box of enery bars and shipping were less than most places sell the HRM for itself.

Their wedsite isn't the best and I did have to wait awhile for my S710 to arrive as it was on back order but the other items shipped asap. They always replied to my emails and applogized for it taking so long. I would emial or call them to check availability first. Overall very good customer service.

I do not work for this company but you could tell them that I refered you. Please don't flame me for doing so.

Eric Moye, A very satisfied customer.
I second that!NewRoadBiker
Feb 11, 2002 7:24 PM
They had the best price on the s710 when I bought it with the IR interface, and the omega bars are quite good as well! :o) Also, more importantly, their customer service was excellent.

Darren, I like your web site! nm.John S.
Feb 11, 2002 9:04 PM